Report: Kobe Bryant pilot may have been disoriented in fog


Hi there Mike is new Rossi information you're reporting the about trump what administration may have caused the seeks helicopter to roll crash back protections that killed Kobe for tech Bryant companies his daughter the trump and administration seven others wants Congress to take away the information some legal is protections in the seventeen for online hundred platforms page report such as Facebook from the national Google transportation and Twitter safety long board held protections it have says generally the pilot shielded of the helicopter the companies that from crashed legal responsibility in thick fog for what reported users he post was climbing on their sites when the in justice fact department he proposes was descending rolling back the liability report says protections the pilot told granted air under traffic the nineteen controllers ninety six communications he was climbing decency to four thousand act feet the treated to get the above companies clouds as platforms on January twenty rather than six publishers but in which reality can be the sued chopper over content was plunging last month toward president a hillside Donald Trump southwest signed an executive of Los Angeles order where challenging crashed the protections killing from all the aboard nineteen ninety six the report telecommunications does not offer law a conclusion Mike about Crossey what caused up the Washington crash rather to compilation of factual reports that we gathered about the case a final report on the calls will come later I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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