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House. Well, she said his input to President Trump on the Corona virus pandemic is now in direct and goes to the vice president. The president for his part, said today that he is a very good relationship with doctor found at the White House. John Decker fucks This's the senator. Disease Control and prevention reports nearly 61,000 new cases of the virus as of yesterday. The White House this morning, President Trump hinted of action he plans to take next week. As violence grows in several major cities, including in Oregon. Local leaders in Oregon have never been comfortable with the presence of heavily armed federal agents on the streets of Portland and now meds head. Wheeler is saying simply quote we do not need or want their help. He also suggested the agents who have been guarding buildings, including Portland's federal courthouse. Instead spend their time cleaning up the graffiti left there by protesters who have gathered for 48 straight nights now, at times, attacking police and federal agents with rocks, buffels ball bearings and even a Hamma taxes. Jonathan Hunt, the Twitter accounts of former President Obama, former vice president Biden, Bill Gates and others hacked Accounts sent bogus tweets offering to send $2000 for every 1000 sent to an anonymous Bitcoin address.

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