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Earthquakes on the San Andreas fault and the squirrels with bubonic plague. Today we got more things will add to the bingo card a little bit later on. This is something that we now also have to deal with. Pennies, nickels, quarters and dimes are in short supply. We're running out of change. Striker inclines change for change. All right, so the flow of coin does not happening out there, and businesses are not going to be able to give change. As you just heard cards. Only the mint has now ramped up production toe 1.5 billion coins a month. But during the shortage, all the coins you have now are extremely valuable. Yeah, and we've got quite a few. And we would like to encourage more people to change their morning show to us right here at the karaoke you and as a result, we're willing to bribe you with the sweetest currency that you can't get anywhere else. And that has changed. So all you have to do is commit to change your morning show or convince a friend of yours or someone that you know a stranger and uber passengers change their morning show change back to Caro Q. And you let us know that you did this officially and we will send you change

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