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Welcome my favorite murder, the Minnie's owed Janey. Oh my God. It's just it's like it goes right on the top your pencil. I was trying to make jurors trying to make your picture bigger on the zoom, and instead it looks like I'm trying to start a chat. Look someone's old aunt. Oh, it's impossible now. You just need to close it now. Earth depression knew. What was that thing? That grandmaster flash thing love grandmaster flash. On facebook when people would tag picture who would put grandma. Grandma but they wouldn't see that it. Actually auto filled grandmaster. Flash isn't so many grandma. Let's tag themselves as grandma's for the most amazing thing that happened. You know the one guy like changed his mom's. Auto fill solar anytime. She wrote I love you. It said like. I Shit you. She Kept going love, Shit Shit Shit over and over work. There's nothing better because I'm right on the precipice of being totally in the moms camp of just like I don't know how these machines work. I'm there's a lot of blind faith in Volya. And at this point in our lives I refuse to learn. Yelich game was good enough for US kids. I'll go back to angel fire any fucking day of the week. Tell me and I'll go. I. Yes I do. K. Okay, but I. Did make this way too big and now. Get away both of you. Here, we go I'm so excited about this. A hometown dump story. I got one of those. Got It yet. I got a few of them. Never been more excited biting, Hey. Am FM FAM- I live in by, but have been staying with my parents in Wisconsin since March waiting to see if I have a job. When my restaurant reopens, I went with my dad to drop off some stuff at the dump when he casually said. Did you hear about the man they found last summer who lived in a bunker behind here for three years? To which I replied, tell me everything. I just loved the idea of someone. Say doing that to their dad. Tell me everything girl data. Open your mouth. Spell it. In two thousand, fourteen, a man from Stevens Point Wisconsin, which is very strange. Because my friend Bradford is from Point Wisconsin isn't it's not a big? Yeah, it's very northern. Wisconsin twenty fourteen, a man from Stevens Point Wisconsin named Jeremie was arrested for sexual assault of a child and child pornography, realizing he faces decades in prison. He decided it was time to move while out on bail. He biked thirty miles north to a rustic wooded. Wooded area close to marathon counties landfill. He dug out a bunker, lining the walls with tarps and cardboard and brought in food and supplies one back backload at a time in two thousand sixteen right before his court date button left his car while it at a note saying he was moving to Florida for the next three years, but in hidden in that hole in the ground, getting all of his necessities from the landfill nearby can. Mellow it would be a man the food. What are you eating like? It's never. It's it's all pine cones and peanut butter. Just like a bird. You're a bird boy scout Tajik. You are friends. You can just eat bird seed UPA. pinecone Raleigh here, okay. He dug a well in a wet area of the woods. NFL firepit with a tin can chimney for war. But even attached. To a tree, and used a system of eight solar panels and numerous car batteries to power, a TV lights and fans holy. Crap. This is insanity a wait. We can't leave this out. He planted marijuana in the woods harvesting up to a pound a year. Jesus I. It was not a fucking pedophile I would be an off this person, but I write a giant man he would. It's like yeah. If you only put your energy toward good, you could have been like the greatest camping, Dude. In the world's, but instead you're just a coward. But all this came to an end when a hiker came upon the well, concealed door of the bunker and curiously went inside to find button. Could you. Don't open the door wants. Don't open a door in the woods like if you see a door and it's been. Well, can. Get the fuck away from the door. Don't. Marino right fucking tell and there's not a cute bear. It has like a ballet Tutu inside gates. A key well concealed to welcome. Pedophile not of biking dancing bear. That's pretty much like one of two choices you have of what's behind a well concealed door. It's either that or the What's from the Princess Bride? The the machine of? Of, something pain. God Damn it. It's like the apocalypse machine. Until ours anyhow, don't say who cares Stephen I. There's nothing I care more about the movie the Prince. It's the greatest single greatest. Those scenes was Peter Falk and Fred savage are so perfectly exit. Peace perfectly executed family film a child being actually a very realistic child for the especially kind of Bradey Bradey. Get first broken down by the grandfather who seen it all seems like a goofball, but actually is telling the greatest story. Anyone's my favorite movies and the turn of when he's like. It's okay you can tell me kissing. Is the best thing ever happened to. Read it to me again tomorrow Oh. It's the cutest also just have to save met Fred. Savage when I worked in episodic has right vision. He's everything you want him to be more God exactly. The same looking and sounding the first time I heard his voice I got weird. Like chills wonder year. Keep Your luck with you. Yeah, right and realize complete he is, it's like he knows the responsibility on his being fred savage, and he's delivering just hand over and has great taste in comedy. He's like so by talented, very talented and now a very very. Hilarious of course and like doing it, ben great since he was old, but then also now can direct like three camera television, which is very difficult. Stick aware turn. Okay guys were still in the middle is. Can you please shut up so I can read the rest of? Story. Guys help it. It's just the door the door in the forest. I had to talk. I'd to talk my way out of the panic of that okay. So the this hiker win inside curiously and found button sleeping on a car, so the hager called nine one one, and after a standoff with police button finally came out and stated I'm a wanted man and remarked that it was quote Nice to talk to human beings. Last October button received thirty years in prison for his crimes, but the judge gave him a bonus to a two hundred thirty days already served for his life on the Lam. Thank you, ladies for keeping me sane through. This pandemic is now a big fan high despite all the swearing. Sorry. Sorry in front, says a well. She says the same thing to me. I look forward to the day that I can bring her to a live show, so does to. Stay sexy, and for the love of God out of the Forest Marie absolutely okay. This, all three of mine this week. Our grandparents stories Oh we always love. Steer clear in Georgia and Co. this isn't a murder story, but does fall under some of your categories of interest, namely bad ass, grandparents, survival, stories and flash floods. In the summer. All our favorites. Flash floods are. They are now. They are now. No, it's true it's. My F-, one more thing to put on the dating profile. In the summer of Nineteen, seventy-six, my grandparents, who by the

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