Covid missteps in the UK

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Been seven months in sparse Johnson's conservative scored the best Tory parliamentary majority since the me nine thousand nine hundred. And yet outsiders well, that could be forgiven for thinking that it was Jeremy Corbyn Socialism. That's triumphed. You think about it in response to the Cova crisis, the size and scope of the British state. Well, that's increased dramatically, and what's being called, a radical woke minority that continues to march through British institutions for more on Boris and British politics. Let's turn to is a bill oak shop. She's a former political editor at the Sunday Times I started by asking bill about the state of Boris Johnson's premiership. I think that it is. Fair to say that Boris Johnson's. Administration has. Hit a really difficult patch and you know. Isn't it extrordinary when he achieved? An an unbelievable majority you know against all expectations, and really they only had a few weeks in which to relish that feeling of trial before the corona virus hits, and the handling of the pandemic has been a very widely criticized. You know we have ended up. I think we have the surge worst gas rate in the world from from Carina and his being one u-turn after another. We've got another one today in the only on Sunday at one of our leading cabinet ministers said that it would not be compulsory to wear face masks and short, and now we all told the we'll be illegal requirement, and that is very characteristic old the government's approach to this crisis. They've been too late. To make required changes, you know that has gizzard they have you turned, and of course not help by. The Prime Minister himself was hit very very hard by the virus, and to Cologne time to get back on his feet. You know this is a he. He was in a life, threatening position and the government woes consequentially very weakened for a period. You mentioned that the Johnson government is moving to make these face masks for shoppers mandatory I. THINK THEY FACE A. Hundred pound fine if they gotta shops without Feis mosques, but at the same time on way told the Britain is slowly getting back to its old self that businesses either reopened and travel restrictions. Lifting does all this main? The Brits are to learn to leave covid nineteen I think we have to learn to live with covid nineteen and I would say we should have had begun learning that lot quicker. You know the UK at the moment is a real place. Contrast I live in Oxfordshire about seventy miles from London, and for the first time last week I decided to get the train into loans, and I have been driving list time and I basically had to show the driven train in both directions. I was traveling at what would normally be rush hour peak time going in in the morning and I had the whole carriage, and the won't be on that myself, so I will. Say Small, but there's no need for face off. You've got your exclusive carriage. And Central. Is Much the same. It's a dead zone and yet here in the world's where where I call home and we can mind. It'll town which luckily. was absolutely housing. The big AUDEN's with school. There were a lot of people out in the bounce. So you know we have a real mix pitcher going on by the way, remember that the schools on back. You know this is an extraordinary situation. You know we've got people in big Ordonez in restaurants are. Our children are still not back in school by large. The counterargument to not having that lockdown during April, and my is that you might have seen far more deaths in in Britain it's. It's very lucky for the government that however bad things get. They will always be able to say it would be much worse if we hadn't done. X Y, or said they won't be able to cruise otherwise politically. That is something that they can always fall back on, but I think that all the evidence now shows that it was a big mistake to allow tens of thousands of people every week to continue pouring into the country from some of the worst hit areas overseas. Coming into Heathrow without any checks or any corentin or any restriction. For weeks, so then I mean for months discontinued, and then very belatedly off to the media, worst of the crisis passed, the government changed tack, and and suddenly entered used quarantine measures, but not before all these people had come in and helped increase of viral late

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