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Clinical trials of a covert 19 vaccine are about to get underway here in New Orleans WWL Tom Parham Ian reports You can help with the research vaccine, developed by drugmaker Moderna has met with favorable reviews in its 1st 2 phases of testing. Benchmark research is launching covert 19 vaccine testing in New Orleans, Austin, San Angelo and Fort Worth, Texas as well, a Sacramento, California basic question Now is the dozing of this vaccine. So how strong of a dose of the vaccine do we need to elicit a good enough antibody response? Dr. Sherri Casey, with benchmark, says the trial will run for two years. If you'd like to take part and get compensated, you can go to Wwll dot com for information on how to be a vaccine test subject. Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is not happy with Governor John Bel Edwards. Recent emergency orders for the Corona virus pandemic and the fight is raging on as we hear from WW Wells. Chris Miller injury at the request of some lawmakers who have long sought to undo Governor Edwards Cove, in 19 emergency declaration issued an opinion that the recent orders requiring masks closing bars and limiting gatherings to no more than 50 or unconstitutional and unenforceable. Loyal law Professor Dane Ciolino says the governor likely didn't do anything That's not within his very broad emergency powers to issue proclamations to protect the public safety in health and welfare, Ciolino said Landry's opinion, maybe very quotable by like minded politicians, but carries no legal weight. CBS News Update 41 States reporter rising number of Corona virus cases this morning and there's a split in the South. Over facemasks Alabama Governor K Ivy. I am announcing a statewide mandatory mask, wearing effective July 15th at five p him to be in place until the end of the month. Georgia Governor Brian Camp has banned local governments from imposing mandates that reverses orders in cities like Atlanta and Savannah. Health officials in L. A say the covert outbreak has hit a dangerous phase there. Public health director Barbara Ferrera. We have known that since Memorial Day weekend, younger people have been infected at higher rates than before.

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