Atlanta rapper Lil Marlo killed in shooting on I-285, police confirm


Arrested low Marlowe from the track to the hard way with little baby Wass Wass No No is is going going to to steal. steal. But But Marlowe's Marlowe's debut for Quality Control music allowed. Police say they are investigating the death. Of the rising allowed a rapper who police say was found dead from a gunshot wound inside a car along to 85 Saturday night. The 30 year old Rudolph Simmons Johnson also went by the names Young Rudy are rude rappers, Togliatti and Meek mill are among those posting memorials online low. Marlo had two Children. Is the violence at Marrakesh. Alas, bottom says she wants stopped. Enough is enough. We're fighting the enemy was in while we're shooting each other up on our streets in this city, and he shot and killed a baby, this random Wow while West shoot because you can, it's gotta stop. The mayor heard they're after the shooting death of little sick Korea. Turner. Meanwhile, police say they now have a second person of interest. In that case. Her death happened near the burned out Wendy's, where Rayshad books was shot and killed by police last month. There is a $20,000 reward. The public viewing for eight year old say Korea is Tuesday at Marie Brothers Funeral home in southwest Atlanta. Tyler Perry is paying for her funeral.

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