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What Mope aren't suzy. We are back again for another fun filled episode of talking Mo- Pars and I've got some good news my project. Art is finally getting an engine. Unfortunately it's not the fifty one that I had hoped for because that engine is still at the machine shop dead in the water for monetary reasons. But I'm so anxious to get behind the wheel of this dart that I've actually decided to hold off on the big box walk for now. I have most of the small block parts. Still with the exception of the engine and transmission. So I actually had a buddy reach out to me about the seventy one charger. I was looking at saying that he had a three eighteen and nine hundred four that he was just looking to give away so he generously donated that engine and transmission to the new cars. And the new. 'cause IS TO DART on the road before I go out acquiring any other projects I gotta get the ones. I have on the road with that being said. I've got a project right now with this little three eighteen and I'm just trying to dress it up a little bit and give it a little bit more go crazy. I just want to make it a little bit fun okay. The engine project that I have now is called project free eighteen because it is a three eighteen and free. So that's what I'm up to. I'm just gathering parts trying to find good deals and it's funny because I posted this cheesy ad was a wanted poster. Ernest said basically wanted small block. Par- parts you know. Cheap is good and free great and there was one guy who's like. Oh better. Get a small block Chevy. Nothing in the Mo- par world is cheap. But here's the thing he's wrong because I've gotten plenty of cool stuff for free or next to free or really cheap. Just based on the fact that I'm a nice guy and I guess I've been fortunate that I've ran into such cool people in the mobile world and unfortunately for that guy. Apparently he's run into a bunch of jerks that are just out for money which you know there are a lot of people like that and the Mo- park immunity unfortunately but you know thankfully I haven't run into any of them. I've ran into some really cool people and they've given me some really good deals so I'm not complaining on that front and I'm still getting the deals I just acquired an intake and a carb and I've got some really cool vintage valve covers and I'm just having fun with this car now. I've got everything I need to throw together and have a ratty little small blocked art and that's all I want. The shiniest parts on the start are going to be the wheels and tires because I have brand new bef. Gta's and Krieger SS for it. So you know it is what it is. I'm GonNa have fun with it and hopefully you guys will be along for the ride. I'm going to try to get some of that content up on Youtube here sooner rather than later so you guys can follow along on a little bit more of a visual level. So that's what I'm up to now. Let's get this show on the road. Like I said in the introduction folks we've got to listeners stories and I'm GonNa Sandwich our segment called high performance parts in between both stories justice which things so our first listener story comes from Shane. Taylor here. Is Shane Story? Hey Chris my dad has always had cool cars and trucks for much of my life. He's made a living off of hunting down deals and then flipping them. I'm now in my late twenties own a house and financially stable as a congratulations or as my dad says early inheritance. He said I could have any one of my choosing. I had the choice between fully restored. Nineteen seventy-nine Camaro RS s with a pretty radical three eighty three stroke or a fully restored Purple Nineteen fifty-six Plymouth Savoie or a dusty old red and black nineteen fifty five Plymouth Belvedere that didn't run and was missing the rear window which is apparently traded for a brick that sat in the backseat. I took the fifty six savoie because it was in the best condition and would need the least amount of work. It was perfect. Because I don't know a ton about working on cars but I love detailing although this is probably the most valuable car. It had a few drawbacks. The car was restored in the nineties and was overdue for another restoration in the near future. The interior was badly stain and fading. The paint was getting rest bubbles and there was a lot of custom work done that was very obviously trendy a couple decades ago but not anymore the worst part though it had a three fifty small block. Chevy. Don't get me wrong. My family was GM all the way. Unless there was a MO- part deal to be found. My Dad even warned me that when I took it I couldn't hang out with the Mo guys or else I'd be chastised. He said apart by the fifties chevrolets at shows and don't talk about the car more than need be after all. The car had no signs of make other than the aluminum. Plymouth play under the door when open so most people thought it was a chop fifty seven Chevy. Once I got it I started doing research on the forward. Look Mo- parts and I fell in love the more I looked at him. The more disappointed became with fifty six mash up with Chevy engine. Ford Rerun Nineteen Ninety. Eight Ford Escort Royal Plum. Paint which looked great. But I just can't stand forwards and Tacky customisations. I found myself eyeing the faded beaten up Belvedere that my dad had sitting in a shop. It had one around the title and had gone to his surviving kin. It was easily ninety percent original so I started drooling after I to educate myself on these classics after a week of having the Purple Plymouth. I called Dad and told him I made a mistake. I detailed the Savoie and send it back to him. Any happily gave me the bus at fifty five after all he had been offered up to ten thousand four and only paid fourteen hundred for the non running Belvedere. Although it wasn't a smart financial decision was the right thing to do and I couldn't be happier. We really to a local shop that specializes in classic. Mo- parts have the clutch rebuilt as well as some brake work done. Once I got a new six volt battery hooked up. It started and ran great. Save for some smoke. Every light on the car worked perfectly and the more I looked around through the scattered parts in the interior and trump the more original parts. I found for it now. There runs in drives learning and working on finding parts for these is a very expensive scavenger hunt. But it's fun to work on such a neat piece of history even though I live two hours from my dad. It's brought us closer together because I'm always sending in pictures of things. I've probably messed up and calling him for help. I look forward to restoring beauty overtime. The Right Way and going to car shows with him even if we can't park next to each other Shane. Thanks for sending in your story I've been wanting to do some forward look content and your story kind of inspired me to get Looking into what I want to cover an hi Wanna go about doing it. I actually have a guest lined up. That is pretty deep in the forward look community. But I haven't really scheduled him in yet so I gotta get a hold of him and figure out when we can get him on the show. Because like I said and like I've been saying this show is for all aren't disease that includes a forward look the modern era everything in between and I'm GONNA stick to my word. We will cover the antique stuff like the really really old stuff. We're going to cover the forward. Look we're going to cover it all or at least we're gonNA give it our best shot so look forward to that very cool story. I'm glad that you chose at least a MO- par over the Chevy. That makes you a lot cooler in my book and let me just say this. A car enthusiasts first and foremost but I am a Mo- par guy so I respect all cool cars but there's just something about Mo- parts that gets me going so when I take shots at Ford and Chevy guys you know nothing personal. It's all in good fun. Okay now back to Shane Story. It's good to hear that you're getting into Mo- pars and cars in general it's something fun to learn and you sound like you're really motivated to gear project on so that's really cool in. Hey a fifty. Five Belvedere is pretty cool in my book. So keep me posted on your project. Buddy thanks for sending in your story I really WanNa see pictures of this car and see how far you belong. Maybe you can call in and give me some tips to pass along the people because I get people asking me about forward look cars and where to find parts and all this and a lot of stuff you know. I try my best but I don't own a forward look cars. I'm not too deep in that world and I know there's people out there that own those cars and start finding really good resources and stuff so anybody out there actually not just. Shane knows any good places to go forward. Look stuff let me know if you know someone. That's really deep in the forward. Look each that's one aspect of mope our history that I admittedly don't know very much about but I love those cars. I think are really cool and I'll take. I'll take anything in the forward look era over fifty seven Chevy any day but that's me and that's not to say the fifty seven chevies aren't cool but hey forward look parts or cooler. Proven wrong Shane once again. Thank you for sending in your

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