Morons: I have a political beef!



Go to Franklin Georgia for today's more on of the day it's a Georgia councilman a Clifford Henry Giles. He's been charged by the jour-jour Bureau of Investigation for swapping the price tag on a beef tenderloin with that of a cheaper pork tenderloin the piggly-wiggly and councilmen picked up the tenderloin which had a eighty three dollar price tag on it and swapped it out with the twelve dollar price tag on the pork. He's fifty four years old and was arrested. The next day on theft charges I did not make it clear how they came to suspect Councilman Giles. And it wasn't immediately clear. He has a lawyer. That's GONNA speak on his behalf. All we know is is that probably store security plus the councilman swapping price tags. I wonder if he had one of those piggly wiggly t shirts that kids like I have. I HAVE A BLACK SHIRT

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