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France Says COVID Was Already Silently Circulating & DARPAs Implantable Nanoplatform Vaccines - burst 6


Hadra suggesting was them talking about canceling funding to Wuhan which is absolutely not true. This is about them spending suspending their own research and it wasn't the same year as that article yesterday. It's actually a different year. Here's the other one well a year later same thing and near. Bat viruses stirs debate over risky research says about. Us government research. Does this the only tournament China in this whole article is about talking about the bats that came from China? The area they come from. That's it nothing about in this entire article but otherwise you look through it. It's all about stuff it's about. Us US research and their funding. But these are the studies they keep citing to suggest that the US stopped funding to Wuhan. It's not true. I'm not saying they didn't stop funding. I'm saying these studies don't say that the funding has all the funniest been going on for a long time and the point is when they said this and say oh. We don't WanNa do this anymore. The point is they went on to start funding other places. Why because they knew it was too dangerous to do where they were. Even though they continue to do it anyway they wanted to do an elsewhere so it is it too risky to do or just too risky to where you can be caught for it. That's what ultimately happened. And here's what this ultimately shows right that they in two thousand fourteen discovered this furthermore two thousand eighteen so continued so right so they they cancel because it's way too risky but they keep doing it. The Pentagon launched a two point nine million dollar program at the Lugar Center. This is my point so they just moved it abroad. Which is why presumably. They started funding research in the Wuhan Lab by the North Carolina. University sold them the material they used to create these things. I mean I don't know why all these ties back to the. Us government are

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