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Ethereum Bounces and Bitcoin Gains Momentum


Top ten now well. Jeez I'm not is a tricky little pillories. It was down yesterday so it was up yesterday but came off towards the close. This bitcoin market is just holding. It didn't pull back very David just continues to grind along and what we've got right now. Is bitcoin cross above nine thousand nine thousand three hundred and seven dollars up one point seven four percent on the Diet and look if we can clear the old highs of this most recent trend that gets above ninety four seventy nine? We'll have a pretty good looking mock. The moving averages have called up so not overextended anymore. That very big I think fourteen percent die. We had about a waco so ago and we are really in a position where I'm hoping to save further upside of Bitcoin. Still Whiting good tries to sit up of looked in the prophets of loss waken. Haven't had anything at all so far this week. So we'll have to wait and see what comes of. This won't one at present right now on. Bitcoin we are off and he's a nice looking knock. It hopefully break to new highs on the on the low timeframes so he can get some good seclusive for good rights on a theory of nail. Yesterday was actually down down significantly three percent down as well. They are down down down yesterday. It touched tests that ninety. Four thirty five level. We'll go close to that anyway And to diagnostic bullish. Candle right there in that crowd was on Scifi route. Three point two percent above two hundred to five eighty and look the diabetes. The best looking John. Hey back in that cradles not so good on the lower timeframes exit a twenty one point five cents at one point. Eight nine percent right now is the theorem sitting in that cradles beautifully. Well holding above twenty cents. Which was the level that was resistance For quite some time and we push through that now loss wake of course and Yeah just taking along. It is up one point eight nine percent. I said most ago. Bitcoin cash very sought wise yesterday. Well yesterday I was down two point. Two percent become regaining quality Dominance yesterday as well really pushing that seven sorry sixty seven percent. Mock nuts. Why WE SING. Bitcoin was up in the rest of the market will more or less was down. Bitcoin cash sitting at two forty five spot five right now at one point five percent for the day of the soliciting on that daily. Certainly certainly not as Nice as some of the other shots like theory on the daily Bitcoin. Sv was down two point nine percent the clothes and it's up one point eight percent wrought now sitting at two hundred and five dollars and sixty four on the doesn't look very similar. As a matter of fact bitcoin cash should become as they look very similar on shots that will enable but chocolate shop lot coin right now. Forty six thousand and seven cents up two point three three percents. It's little bullish candle in that cried. I'm a little lower haw. That sort of snuck in about a week ago five days ago which is going ninety Maggie. A little less attractive for those Kreider is on those daily timeframe but he's up two point three percent right now looking good. Swell is still below that resistance the tutorials and eighty one cents that being said yesterday we did closed down four percent one the lodge declines of the day. What up two point. Two two percent right now tools and seventy two cents. Pretty likely looking. Jonathan Lost Bonnets has crept into that cradles beautiful little bearish candle rotten as I speak. Da is being quiet vonts over the last couple of weeks. Short has been grinding higher but just grinding. We haven't seen any big pushes what we have on-site. Bitcoin is some of the other coins at it. Sixteen dollars and fifty one cents right now. Point eight of a percent of a groin and to so yesterday closed down two point eight. Two Percent Cod donnas held his a holding above that full point five nine cent mock and Holding Holding Holdings mobilised candle today. Far yesterday we would damage. Only point on of a percent. Rotten now is sitting right on five cents exactly up two point seven percent a therion. Classic got a bit of a full yesterday's well it was down five percent. One of the lodge declines. It has been one of them will volatile In this market recently. Quit simply because well. It's run up hod and pulling back as well any that cradles on daily shot rotten now looking very very seven dollars and one cent were up two point five four percent on the day at this moment and the rand at that top ten hit tron. It's been holding in that consolidation patent for quite some Tong yesterday. We we were down two point one percent today right now at fifteen point nine cents up two point six seven percent so wold of grain out the at the moment viable force old time will tell if we get good training opportunities so dart have a great deal writer. Obviously the white for that daily shot plus are under the white for these charts to play. Add a little bit but I get a little bit better simplicity on those low a timeframe so I can start to attack those electrode the lower time France but only when all the trends are in agreement it just increases probability of success. And that's all I can evidence

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