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Survivor Global | Winners At War FINALE Recap | Nick Iadanza - burst 42


Happened game like he was like watching paint. Dry like a woman. He's a very attractive. Guy's dreamy is but he was boring boring boring at and like you can compare that to Dave and to. Do you know what I think of that. Do you like a you watch like I'm not on talk but like you see those videos popa up of people who like do the at the the the monning of life famous scenes from like like funny scenes from reality. Tv housewives or the KADARSHIAN. Whatever it is and it's just like people. Do you know what I'm about. Yes yes GEICO. People could make a ton of David ones of those and a ton of Tony Ones. And it's like you could never make one of those about anything that rob said because he was boring monotone. Not Interesting would never want to watch him play again. But I would sign up to Dave attorney play any day that week on. Ding married killing them as characters and I thought it was a great character and he's not as good as Tony Day probably the to do the best. I thought he was really compelling. It's not just good looking but the raise it but yeah but the game yes. We're talking about the Games but part of the game is the fact that like Dave was able to do what he did being Dave. All this comes as like this. Behemoth of a man and that's survivor is littered we'd like behemoths of men. Who just kind of like you do. Forget about it's about the over personality. This like the funniness the fact that you were able to kind of like you know John. You're animated you always in people's it not because you're a behemoth on top of being behemoth your strategic and on top of that year associate with and so funny and you make great confessionals and everyone knows this about you and you still like. That's why I was just like crazy. That diving tiny were able to do those things having been being sore front of Center for every every single element of life and saliva and not just for their physical attributes and strategic game. There's another four or five attributes on top of that. I was having done to guys with Dave and one with like. I got the same vibe from both which is like I get it from boys like in terms of like talking to them and like in what do people have said. It are robe-like that he he just draws you. I think rob could win again and again like I think he's that good and like it could probably be compared to came off and things like old service time playoff but I think he probably had like the DNC of the one world cost by that comprehensive. I don't think that Tony definitely days game as perfect. But they're probably more flashy so I give them credit to that. Tony played the best game of all time but anyway semantics on this but I just think like this ability of rubs game and how unlock it was you want your marriage to

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