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What to Do When Scared Workers Don’t Report to Work Due to COVID-19


Other three million people. As I'm sure you've heard made first time claims for unemployment in the past week that brings it to thirty six million plus in the past couple of months there's a whole slew of second order effects out of that of course and one of them is that the Labor Department has told cities and states they have an obligation to detect waste and fraud in the unemployment system and there are reports of states that have been pushing companies to disclose when employers refused to return to work then as marketplace's Justin Ho reports. That is putting a whole lot of business is in a pretty tight spot about two weeks ago. The Vermont Labor Department launched a Web page for businesses to report employees. Who declined offers to return to work by doing so? Employers could effectively kick those workers off of unemployment insurance though there are some exemptions mark. Fryer Cohen's restaurant called the reservoir in Waterbury Vermont. He says he isn't happy with the tough choices that may force him to make. It makes it very difficult to think that we would have to turn to the state and tell them that they should pull their aid. Prior laid off all of his employees and mid-march he also took out a paycheck protection program. Loan which can be forgiven if he brings his head count backup during the loans. Eight week window restaurants are allowed to take out but Vermont hasn't allowed them to fully reopened. Friars restaurant is closed. We're not rushing to bring people off on employment will can't reopen our doors because of state order one of friars former employees is sage. Guggenheim had chef at the reservoir. She says she'd love to get back. But given the safety issues of returning to work she understands that others want to stay at home. We don't want to force people into a difficult position where they have to choose between what they want to do and what they have to do. Businesses want to keep good relationships with their employees says Labor Economists Teresa Ghilarducci at the new school. They also have the loyalty and relationship of trust that builds up over time. Several other states have set up similar websites for reporting employees including Montana Oklahoma Tennessee in South Carolina. Frank NAP is the president of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce. He says many businesses are realizing a hard truth about their P loans. Despicable low may not be forgivable. He says some may decide to give back their PCs loans rather than force their employees to return to work. I'm just in how for marketplace

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