Richard Burr stepping down as Senate Intel Chair pending investigation


The Senate North Carolina senator Richard Burr stepped down this week as chairman of the Senate intelligence committee amid an FBI probe into his stock transactions just before the pandemic how worried are Republicans about this and is it in any way factoring into some of the broader concerns among the GOP that we've been hearing about it reflecting on whether they can maintain their Senate majority after the November elections Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is very worried about controlling the Senate they have a slight majority now there twenty three seats they have to defend on the Republican side against twelve on the democratic side so the deck is stacked for Democrats to possibly win back the Senate I think the Democrats right now are slight favorites to win back the upper chamber this Bernews I'm really stunned Republicans they did not see that bar was gonna step aside as intelligence committee chaired even Democrats like Chuck Schumer we're not calling for that but that shows yeah Mitch McConnell is worried Republicans are worried and they wanted to get out ahead of this dori and remember Richard Byrd's up for reelection this year and not up and he's actually in retiring twenty twenty two but we'll see what happens this is investigation this is not good news

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