Ghost of Tsushima Has People Excited

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Happened. Today was playstation should their state of play on ghost of Sushi MMA And I think I said that correctly and if I didn't marry sorry but so the game you are unfamiliar on Sushi. My Island in twelve seventy four The game revolves around one of the last Samurai Jin sky. During the first Mongol invasion of Japan the Mongol Empire Empire has conquered and devastated many countries and Sushi. Bach have to pause and like. How do I pronounce? This is the final obstacle between the mainland Japan and the huge Mongol invasion fleet. Jen is one of the few survivors of clan. Has World is shattered and he faces a difficult decision to continue fighting the way he was trained or unconventional means. He's resolved to do whatever it takes to Liberate Samoa. General have to master a new fighting style the way of the ghost to defeat the Mongol Empire and fight for the freedom and independence of Japan although they had over the course of this roughly twenty minutes that they had on the state of play. They covered multiple topics. That will go over individually all a small for you here now. We'll dive deeper into each. So they covered exploration they covered combat. Which is two styles? Samurai ghost there was customers character. Customisation photo mode The fact that there's a really awesome Japanese soundtrack not soundtrack voice tracks what it meant to say and then Samurai cinema

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