NTSB: Kobe pilot said he was climbing amid fall


Released by the NTSB indicate the pilot in the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant at eight other people may have gotten disoriented in the fog the pilot had indicated he was climbing to get above the weather when flight data shows the chopper was actually descending aviation accident attorney and retired U. S. army helicopter pilot Bryan Alexander tells kat acts that's a lot more common than you may think it comes down down the comes up and you really lose the ability to properly control the aircraft so that if you lost your visual cues and then to try to use some other instrumentation in the aircraft to stay level it could be a really young dramatically challenging situation profile in fact Alexander says it happened to him when he was flying the secretary of the navy luckily he had a co pilot who saw what was happening and took control of the aircraft the NTSB says the seventeen hundred pages of documents released are not a final report on the

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