BTS #27 Austin Flohrschutz MS of TruPotency on CBD Product Fraud, Safety Testing, Salvia Research


Everybody Jason Nelson curious about cannabis podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in once again. so today I'm joined by Austin floor shoots. A scientific director with a company called true potency that they see products, but the reason. I was attracted to them to talk to them. Today is because they do extensive third party testing on CD products to try to see how products hold up against their claims. So thanks so much Austin for being willing to come on the PODCAST Appreciate you having me on? It's a great opportunity to kind of get some knowledge different perspective than some of your other. Artists or I guess a guests on the show. Yeah totally yeah. I think we'll have. Plenty to talk about especially with testing, background and everything. There's all sorts of fun stuff. I'm interested to dive into. For people that aren't familiar with true potency, because you guys kind of started fairly recently the end of last year that right yet. You mind just kind of explaining a little bit about kind of how true potency came together and kind of what your mission is and everything. Yes so true potency kind of came together around this idea, the there's a lot of bad CD products out. There the kind of original article, Seventeen article published in the Journal of American, Medical Association, essentially estimated about seventy percent of products are mislabeled out there. So this could be say a one thousand milligram tincture, and maybe it only has five hundred milligrams in. It has fifteen hundred milligrams in it. You know you don't want to little and you don't want too much if you're trying to use this as medication. And there's definitely other studies. It kinda showed us that there's a lot of. Bad product out there that are mislabeled on the market for sale. And, so we kinda wanted to jump in and help kind of. Do these rigorous tests that the companies are supposed to be doing but arm and to make available products that. We think. Are Legitimate. They are labeled correctly, and they also have you know potentially interesting other compounds in their other cabinet find any tests In so that's how it came to be Israeli to give confidence to the consumer that what they're buying and consuming as safe to consume. And what is your role? Specifically withdrew potency as the science director. So I do a lot of. Kind of directs the testing of all of this Zo. We use a lot of the same labs that are used in saying medical marijuana recreational marijuana All essentially get sample in prepared to be sent out to these labs. To be tested in I interpret the results from there now would be pretty awesome to do this testing in house. On the one of the reasons we do these third party. Lapses to kind of take the bias out of it.

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