Academy postpones 2021 Oscars, will announce new diversity rules


I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown Twenty Years Matt Bellamy my usual Banter Buddy on the business and Matt the Ninety Third Academy Awards ceremony has been pushed from February twenty eighth to April twenty fifth for. Obvious reasons. The eligibility period for films which normally would end on December thirty first. It's been extended to February twenty eighth twenty twenty, one. Because of you know. These films have not had opportunity to play or necessarily get the kind of attention. They would normally get. That's the argument now. The Oscars has been pushed before in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, due to La Flooding, and then in sixty eight because of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King and again in one, thousand, nine, hundred, one, because of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan so I. Think it's fair to conclude that. When they pushed the Oscar ceremony something very very bad is happening as it is now, but this was necessary. However, if you're ABC, just from a business point of view, this is bad news. Also yeah I mean there's A. A couple ramifications here one is for ABC I mean this is their super bowl. They count on a ton of AD revenues about hundred forty hundred fifty million dollars in ad revenue last year that they can usually count on in February that is now pushed out of q one into cue to if the Oscars take place as planned which are that's a big question mark. Will we have big scale events with celebrities walking a red carpet even in April of next year? We don't know the second is the impact on the film released calendar because. Because assuming at some point that movies do comeback and we start to get movies released in theaters again these big year end movies that everybody sees every year and you know come out around Christmas time and get a lot of the awards attention and go on to win Oscars that window is now going to shift into the January February march window, which is going to change a lot of strategies for these film companies because you don't now have to crowd. You're movie into that year end corridor in order to make an impact with Oscar voters. Voters, you can give it a little bit more time and that February. March time period is usually a dumping ground where you don't put your best movies now. Maybe you're going to put your best movies there because you know, you can get Oscar attention as well as some box office. Yeah, and what's really still very unclear win theaters will open theaters, clinging to to July, as is as our Warner Brothers with Christopher Nolan's ten and a couple of Disney with Milan they push tenant two weeks i. don't really get how that solves anything but. It makes us so they're not I now Milan will be I will be the Guinea pig, so to speak and then Warner. Brothers we'll have tended after that, so they won't be the Guinea Pig the other thing that is. Speaking of Guinea Pigs. The academy is going to try to do require going forward diversity as a criterion for eligibility for Oscar and they haven't specified what that means I I would certainly not argue with the goal Hollywood has been very very stuck for a very long time in terms of diversity goals, but you know it's something where they have to be very careful. You can't just mandate something like that without really choosing how it works, you know and and again. I want to stress how I totally support that goal, but you're sort of a strange territory telling creative people you must do X. and we don't know what xs yet, but you know. This is something where I think. There's a swimming Zaidi that it will end up being like the most popular picture category that ultimately just sort of went away. This should work, but the question is how yeah! It's a big question because you know for years and years, the academy has always said that the diversity problem is not the academy's problem. It is Hollywood's problem, and it's just at the Oscars are reflection of what the industry is doing, so you shouldn't blame the academy for the diversity problems of Hollywood. This is a flip of that. They're saying we are taking this on. On as an organization and saying that you will not be able to be eligible for an Oscar unless you adhere to some basic diversity principles, and they have yet to articulate what those are, so they just WanNa. See what the logistics are going to

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