Heavy rain expected in New York and surrounding Counties


Live to the weather center now we check the five day forecast with chief meteorologist Craig Alan so heavy showers now in parts of Warren Sussex western Morris County and on up towards around extreme western Passaic county too it does go across the border into New York state we have lighter showers with a little over a couple little downpours mixed in as it crosses over the through way in the western side of the Hudson Valley that's moving up to the north and about fifteen twenty miles per hour the line itself is moving east very very slowly so we're not going to see that in the city we're waiting for new areas of showers and thunderstorms which is starting to break out down towards the Philadelphia area and beyond and that'll start moving up today's high will be around eighty a muggy day windy day near the coast to Los tonight in the upper sixties as it starts drying out and then Friday a mix of sun and clouds to pleasantly warm ET Saturday a good start to the weekend seventy five to eighty but Sunday and Monday now look to be mostly cloudy in the chance of showers and little cooler for this time of year the mid seventies is a bit below average so showers north and west right now we have seventy four in the city mostly cloudy humidity eighty one percent Southwind twelve

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