Arizona Hospitals Told To Activate ‘Emergency Plans’ Amid Coronavirus Spike


Tonight Arizona's health department, urging hospitals to activate their emergency plans more than five thousand new cases, since June first and now hospital saying they're maxing out on ICU beds. We need to really. Be Socially responsible when we go outside socially distance. Evidence that we're not doing that. Twenty one states in Puerto Rico registering a rise in Kovin and fourteen states, including Arizona have seen their highest seventy average growth, since the pandemic began the governor here, lifting that stay at home order on May Fifteenth, people, gathering large groups again at bars and restaurants. You know right now. We're fine, but if we continue at a rate like this, we're facing a significant chance. Chance that we're going to have to shut down the state again. Fema saying community transmission is the highest driver of growth in nearly two thirds of the hot spots. In thirty one

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