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Right now I'm here with Tina Amini Sam, claiborne and Lucille Brian. WHAT'S UP, everybody? Hey. Hello, there Thank you for joining me on this. Very special edition of Games cube part of June simmer gaining. We've got to talk about Sony's playstation, five future of gaming event yesterday and I give me serve overall impressions. Would you think of the show? Let's start with Tina. It Yeah I. Mean twofold right like I thought the Games were really amazing. They had thirty seven games, which is really impressive There's something exciting about every single one of them. We got to see the actual console design finally just a really big news drop their, and honestly I was just overall impressive with the production value general, especially given you know work from home mandates and working and living through the quarantine, so I thought they did a really good job. That was exciting to watch. Lucy era, a regular cast member of our place in podcast podcast beyond and I know you. did a bunch of pre and post show coverage of yesterday. What were your overall impressions okay? Festival beyond second of all. I thought that the show is great. I think as Tina said that was a great lineup of games. it. Really Tony Really positioned itself as like this is the holiday console these other games. You're only going to get up to get on playstation. Five of them were very family friendly I. Really think that that was a smart play on their part. And you know the console itself. It's wild. It's ridiculous I. Love it I think it's just like it was just really really fun Shar and I. Think Sony is kind of in the late now when it comes to this console racism. I tend to agree with that Sam I know you've been doing a lot of game on xbox. This generation did the conference yesterday. Do Anything to sort of change your mind about where you'll be spending your time. There! There's so many games across both systems that are awesome I think you're gonNA be fine with either system at this point, but man I really liked yesterday's show because I always say this I. Don't really care how the console looks. So there's this looks Kinda goofy and I don't really want it outside of my home console. I kind of want to put it in a cabinet. We'll see how that goes, but I do think. The Games are really important focus on demand. There are such such A. A huge variety of games and one thing that I need to do is start like seeing the previews of these games, which we're doing and stuff like that because I want to see what they look like Super High Rez. Glorious Four K. because I've seen is like my best youtube up. You know and like I can't really see if they look different next Gen, but they look fun and that's awesome. Like. What was it Tina thirty seven new fun games to check out now that so exacly? That's really I can't wait. I was I was a little bit shocked. At how many games there were in the conference yesterday? Also just. It's crazy to think that you know Sony backed out of the three last year. They weren't planning incoming this year, but then gets cancelled and now Sony's back with a three level conference. The Week of Winnie three would have been in like Microsoft is nowhere to be seen. It's disagrees when. Is a wild ride all statement. I. Are So good. They're like they're like so like. Did you just show the trailer? Show that there's nobody walking around and pacing. Honestly I was a little bit amazed that they were able to get. People cut out on black backgrounds for the interviews that they had like. I don't really know how they pulled that off. They look at our crazy steph back here, but they literally pro and I think they did a really good job. Just showing the important stuff and I liked that. So as as the event was going on, and we just kept seeing game after game after game I started to wonder if they were going to show, go the hardware, but of course at the they did at the end revealed the places to five hardware, and it has been It's been. It's been a talking point for sure. If a wildly different council design I'm in the camp I think it's a little a little gaudy and I much prefer the sort of. Silence Classy xbox series design, but I know that a apparently I'm in the minority there. Sixty eight percent of I, raiders say love the playstation five council design. Sam Seems to agree with me. Lucy is a little bit more in favor of it Tina. How do you feel about it? I think I'm in the like ten, or whatever other remaining percent of Jan polled readers that just don't really care. I'm fine with either way. It's going to be the system that I play hopefully the amazing games that they showcased in the conference the other day, and that's the thing that I have my mind most on, and then the controller, which looks comfortable and maneuverable. 'cause. That's obviously the vehicle by which we're experiencing the game, so the console I'll I'll throw it up next to my TV I. Don't mind either way. Yeah it's pretty cool. Very different. That is very different I like the design of the controller a lot. But I think the council. The council's pretty ugly to me. We have a quote from Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan explaining the design choice today said the playstation sits in the living area of most homes, and we kind of felt it'd be nice to provide a design that would really grace most living areas. That's what we do and you know. We think we've been successful in that. Jim. My wife would beg to differ with you. There's no way she would let me have. But, like what? What does Jan Ryan's Living Room? Look like if that is kind of like. Just said like an easy thing to slip into it I. Mean I i. just think this design is bonkers. It's basically the of the gaming console equivalent of racing stripes on a car. It's just so silly and I love it. I love it because every other game console the. Being conservative with its design and this is just so ridiculously out there.

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