New York primary results on hold as Eliot Engel trails badly and Carolyn Maloney faces tight race


Progressive democratic candidates say they're optimistic about the outcome of key primary elections yesterday Kentucky in New York but voters might not learn the results of key races for days because the corona virus pandemic caused a surgeon absentee and mail in ballots well what we learned is that election nights in America quickly turning into election weeks as we await those kinds of results and as we do wait it looks like to New York City congressman who lied key house committees are fighting for their political lives and one closely watched race educator Jamaal Bowman currently leads sixteen term incumbent Eliot Engel the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee Bowman has surged in recent weeks thanks in part to the increased attention on racial justice nationwide meanwhile congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who represents part of Manhattan she leaves the house oversight committee and hold just a narrow lead over Suraj Patel a younger liberal opponent the she defeated back in twenty

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