GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 702: MLB Is Finally Back, Players Skipping The Season and Players With The Most To Gain From The NBA Playoffs - burst 04


Arthur, third favorite's at eleven to one. Major League baseball is still to announce that the twenty season is on the rise in, and will be commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement we have. We have provided the play association with the scheduled to play sixty games in are excited to provide our ray fans with baseball again. After to mark the end of lengthy discussion between the two. Also remains to be seen which players will report to work? Harvest individuals are allowed to opt out and still receive salary and service time, but others who sit out. We'll get neither money. Credit needed to be eligible, for, FREE AGENCY AND SALARY ROTATION? and. And yeah, additionally, the sixty game season could serve as a buffer against the grievance by the EPA, which in the case of potential implementation, has expected to charge league with not fulfilling in studio to complete a full season as possible. The League humans against the Union as well under the season impose. under the postseason. Excuse me. Players will receive the full of their salaries or thirty about thirty seven percent of their salaries and one point five billion in total. POSTSEASON may ten teams. Players will not receive forgiveness on the hundred seventy million dollars, our advanced. They received as part of the market roommate, and we'll get no money from the postseason. players will didn't agree where on feel microphones. And teams will not wear advertising patches on a uniform. The so

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