A Botched Restoration of a Painting in Spain Draws Outrage


Remember when a nun botched a painting of Jesus with a bad restoration job Bernie no I don't I need to do I I don't remember that well forgive me I follow a lot is known about for the pain he the pain it would pair perfectly with the latest Iran this restoration of a virgin Mary Mary painting and art collector in Spain fun place paid a furniture restorer to restore a copy of the seventeenth century painting the Immaculate Conception of roasted I bliss which depicts the virgin Mary gazing up at the heavens the collector was shocked at the first restoration attempt which left merry looking more like a baked potato with our eyes gazing a television set of gazing at the help yes yeah they added the TV out there you go and rabbit ears a second attempt by the furniture restorer turned out no better to me the dead giveaway was the art collector pain a furniture restorer but just because you're wealthy doesn't mean you like spending money most people I tell ya I got wealthy by not spending money so if a guy in a van tells me he can restore might priceless piece of art I'm going to give him a shot at it but to me a furniture restorer that be like if I went to if I had a painting I just went to bill utter Ford yeah fix IT fix things your fix cars yeah I do a good job sure what he can do this restore this virgin Mary painting for me Christmas get the transmission guy because he seems to have the most artistic nine he took some art classes yeah college yeah so he's so anybody could find this picture online just the worst restore you might as well have a raised it redrawn it it's at four that's that's painfully here though Danny is that so irresponsible there so many dumb people who get control of valuable things yes in arguments

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