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Hello and welcome to trump being podcast from WNYC and PROPUBLICA. Digs deep into the business of trump I'm Andrea Bernstein today on the show. We're GONNA. Pull back the curtain on a branch of this business. That might pass you by if you're not already a dedicated trump supporter trump media. This is a world like trump's business and the White House. This is populated by trump's close family. The trump campaign has poured a lot of money and effort into direct messaging their supporters through youtube and podcasts in a way. That's unusual, even innovative. For the last year, our producer Alice Wilder has been consuming this content. I started paying attention to the trump campaign podcasts last summer. It's called. Donald, J trump podcast and I've listened to. Every episode ever produced. It's usually hosted by senior campaign adviser Lar-. Trump who's married to eric trump comes out weekly and features interviews with politicians like gates and conservative commentator. Candice Owens, so Alice was listening to the podcast for about nine months. And, then around March, people started staying home because of the pandemic and I noticed. The campaign had started rolling out new videos every night. That's when triggered Don Jr. Show started. It usually has the vibe of guy who just drinks six red bulls, and then turned on his livestream. House you now? There's also shows like trump war room, which does general campaign chatter truth over facts, which is kind of an eighty style, true crime series all about Joe, Biden and a bunch of shows targeted to specific groups, women, evangelicals, black people, veterans, and then there's this show that really answers the question that followed me through college. What are you? GonNa do with the Women's studies and communications. Double Major and it turns out. The answer is obsessively. Watch Laura trump talk about her father in law on a show called the right view. View. What we did there I if you're curious, what is show called? The right view actually is just imagined. Review conducted entirely on Zoom, if Meghan McCain was considered way too liberal to be on the panel, and if no one ever disagreed. Sage Scott. Live discussing the hottest topics of the week with you tonight. We will. America way. These shows are full on prime time entertainment that reinforced the trump campaign's worldview. You can think of them as something of a prototype for trump media network right in two thousand sixteen. There was reporting that trump was considering starting a TV network if he lost the election, I had a moment when I looked at the Youtube Channel and realized the thing that people predicted in two thousand sixteen was coming to fruition. Trump's team was producing programming for seven nights a week, and there was an audience for it. The campaign didn't answer my questions about viewership or their strategy for these shows, but as best as I can tell, there are well over a million viewers a week. ALYSSA'S GONNA take it from here. There are three big things I've noticed about these shows that set them apart from other media. One is the way the questions are phrased to call them. Leading questions is kind of an understatement. Questions are like how important is it to real like Donald Trump, or how shameful is Nancy? Pelosi, behavior here's larr trump. I really do think that our first lady. Melania trump is an incredible role model for women and families out there. What do you think about Malania

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