Trump says he’s ‘flexible’ on Jacksonville’s RNC convention, amid rising COVID-19 cases


President Trump says his plan for big Open events during next month's Republican National Convention will be flexible, if need be due to a spike in the number of Corona virus cases in Florida. There's NPR's don Gani, eh? The president wants a big in person event for his RNC acceptance speech. That's what led the GOP to move the convention to Jacksonville from the original location. Charlotte after North Carolina's governor would not guarantee the use of the city's major sports arena. Then last night in an interview with Greta Van Susteren on Great television, the president for the first time softened his position on the topic. Here is his response when she asked about the convention and rising Corona virus numbers in Florida. It really depends on the timing. Look, we're very flexible. We could do a lot of things, but we're very flexible. The RNC is scheduled for the final week of

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