Discovery of a New Type of Neutrino from the Sun - burst 6


Past earth equivocal maneuver to adjust its speed and trajectory and a major event for the mission team, but most remained at home with only a small, socially distanced group in Mission Control to monitor the spacecraft. We had to get used to differently to coordinate differently in the Latino members. Members decide some overhead for sure but overall. I have to say we have been also supported by a very stable spacecraft to try to three was so stable that we didn't have to do tragic. Three correction maneuvers beyond the one. We did all countries six February after that, we didn't have to do any more and the platform. itself is also very well behaved and. Helps not decisions. Of course not everyone's been so fortunate. Since two thousand and two, ISA's integral mission has been successfully observing violent cosmic explosions, just gamma-ray bursts then on the thirteenth of April power systems on the spacecraft suddenly reset probably due to the effect of a cosmic ray integral, started to rotate exposing delicate instruments to the heat of the Sun. With. The spacecraft switched to safe mode.

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