Anyone over the age of 10 So the city officials are now encouraging people to stay home


They can really flex their muscle because the governor is clearly hurting his feelings left and right, not letting him allowing him to shut down businesses. Not giving the okay on that He's trying to find the any avenue where he can feel like he has any control over the situation. Well, the governor gave him the authority to enforce it. This is you're talking about the governor of the mayor. I'm talking about the governor and the mayor are identical the same on this issue. Enforce it. They want citation I got that the governor has cleared the way to 1000. But just find it hard to be critical of the of the mayor and not be critical of the governor on this issue because they're on the same page. I just think $2000 in being able to essentially shut down. Ah business because they don't feel like they're enough people wearing masks or whatever. I just think it's a bit excessive.

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