BTS #30 Morris Beegle of WAFBA on Industrial Uses of Hemp and Mushrooms


More Spiegel I am the CO founder and president of Waft Bow we are for better alternatives. You're listening to the curious about canvas podcast. Everybody Jason Nelson with a curious about cannabis podcast. Thanks so much for tuning tuning in once again as today I am sitting down with one of the really big names in the him space, or the minds behind Wathba, which is, we're for better alternatives also. One of the big minds behind the noko hemp. Expo is one of the I think the biggest. Hemp Conference in the on the planet. I'm here with more Spiegel thanks so much. Morris for being willing to come on the podcast today. My, pleasure Jason thanks for having me on. Yeah absolutely I'm. Really excited to hear your sort of your unique perspective on the hemp industry because. Today it's so prevalent that when people think of hemp industry think of CB. And one thing I like about a lot of your messaging is trying to make sure the conversation stays. You know more broad about how the canvas plant can be used for all sorts of purposes, and and you know the resin rich production of canvas plants is one aspect, but there's a lot more to it so are I'm really interested to hear your experiences. I mean one thing just to kick it off just to kind of set the stage here you once sort of earlier on when you were transitioning from your background music and all that into him space. You're actually. Built on guitar out of him. Well. I didn't actually build it and you can see behind me here. Those those two that blue end the Kinda red oranges, both of those are him composite Shell. Yeah, so it's it's actually just a thin layer of of hemp fiber composite. That's wrapped around would core. And there's some guys in Canada that have been making guitars since I believe two thousand thirteen, and so I hooked up with those guys and bought a couple of their guitars and then sense. They've made several guitars for me under the name of Silverman Ham. And beyond that we've we've started to make other him. Guitars with some builders out of Atlanta, using different materials that are produced in Kentucky, produced in Idaho and basically grown in processed here in the United States, so we're still in the process of of figuring out how to build guitars and Guitar Cabinets, and Combo Amplifiers out of Hampton which you'll see back to mobile cabinet setting back there those are all. Cabinets made out of Particle Board and they've got him. Speaker cone speakers in them, so it's all him. Yeah. That's the fascinating I feel like right away. That probably will surprise a lot of people that that's even some where you can go with him. What he noticed between a sort of a standard. Would you know bodied guitar and with him composite? How do they compare as far as The field? Wait sound that sort of thing. Would these composite guitars behind me? They're actually quite light and sonically there. They sound really good. You can load them with whatever pickups bank. I've I've got P nineties which sure? Rock pickups at that sound good and. And what we're. GonNa do with the new guitars and the new Combo amps and stuff is. We're GONNA really really spend a lot of time a being against other guitars and amplifiers, and in the out there just to see how they how they stand up, and what little variances are differences I mean when it comes to. Sound and tone, people are pretty picky as to like and. It all comes down to ease like things more bride alike things a little darker, so the guitars themselves. The would that we're using on the new ones. It's The HIP would company out of Kentucky and they're. They're basically taking stocks. They press them down into into a hard. Similar like they do with bamboo flooring and Selena using that material, and it's a real hardwood, so it's it's. It'll be interesting to see how they sound against a hard Mahogany in a hard maple. Yeah, and what? To give the folks listening a little bit of background on you. What led to this focus in your world towards him? Well I've been a cannabis user and supporter for a long time, since I was in unites on. And that was really more on the recreational side than anything and. I went into the music industry in the late eighties, and and from there I worked for large music and video company in Atlanta then in California and then I moved back to Colorado where I grew up.

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