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President Trump's New York home More from CBS News correspondent Matt Piper work on another black Lives matter. Mural in New York City has started Thiss One. Situated directly in front of Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the new mural will send a message that quoted black lives, in fact, do matter. Resident Trump Previously slam plans to painted the popular Fifth Avenue will be closed between 56 57 streets until Sunday morning to finish it. That Piper CBS News NEW YORK A judge in Virginia has issued a 60 day injunction preventing the city of Richmond from removing any more Confederate monuments. Removal of those statues began last week after Mayor Levar Stoney ordered them cleared away amid weeks of protests over racism. Said he was concerned that protesters could get hurt if they tried to bring down the enormous statues themselves. We'll rake off CBS News. This's Southern California's only 24 hour local news and traffic station can extend 70 NewsRadio. Good morning. I'm Mark Austin Thomas. Our top local stories at 105 Ventura County officials are running into trouble in the search and recovery operation. A fine actress Naya Rivera. L. A County may be experiencing a Corona virus. Deja vu in

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