One-Stop Reality Escapes Week


This week's theme is one stop reality. Escapes the. Curator is Elena Fernandez. Collins who writes the audio dramatic newsletter. Here's why Elena chose this theme. Hi. My name is Elon and on this collins and themed shows is one stop reality escapes. Chose this theme because our consumption habits are necessarily changing, and then means sometimes you need a one time promise, and not a long term commitment. These episodes are escapes into fiction, the length of a movie or shorter. Here are the podcasts and episodes chosen by Elena along with short descriptions of each one. The first episode comes from the Big Luke podcast and it's called surfacing. It's thirty five minutes long. About this podcast. From QR RX Paul, Bay presents otherworldly stories from around the globe, every season feature, six distinct episodes, highlighting the strange, wonderful and often harrowing experiences of those living on the outer edges of the known world. In this episode, a Japanese Alma diver recounts the story of the love of her life through her daughter. The next episode comes from the sci-fi presents podcasts and is called CERBERUS REX. It's eighty four minutes law. In this audio drama Dr Annabella Korea a professor of astrophysics at Hawks More University travels upon request by a former colleague to well station, a research facility, performing experiments on a mystery of physics in an underground cave, a natural explorer Anna Russia's to view the phenomenon firsthand and accompanied by well station security slash containment officer. Benjamin Wynn guard is soon staring down at a marvel hidden deep, then not so deep. The next episode comes from the outliers podcast and is called. Sleep. It's twenty four minutes long. In this episode. Johanna for or cannot sleep. She is caught in the heat and fervor of the peasants revolt, as she joins the masses on their march to London, seeking an end to the poll tax in pursuit of justice. She leads a group into the Tower of London where they dragged Simon Sudbury to the executioner's block for a taste vengeance. The next episode comes trust from zero hours is called those familiar spirits. It's thirty six minutes long. In this episode, Seventeen, twenty, two in the American colonies, and the priest has his world turned upside down when a woman comes into the church, claiming to be a witch, and in possession of knowledge about the imminent end of the world. The last episode of the week comes from. Make believe, and it's called Bra. It's sixty one minutes long. This audio drama is a brave girls. Journey through the land of many monsters adapted from a Mexican Folk Tale by Nancy Garcia Loza. Those are the PODCASTS and episodes recommended by Atlanta Fernandez Collins for this week's theme. One Stop Reality Escapes.

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