Sports Talk w/ Lance 6/5/20 - burst 12

Lance McAlister


Front of him, Rob for the Commissioner and Tony Clark. The head of the Players Union, sitting right next well socially distance six feet apart, and they say we we welcome you. Thanks for showing on such short notice, and then they look at each other in one says, did you WanNa you WANNA go. You Go, and you know you go, and they say well. Let's both go, and they both lean into the Mike and they both say. Like Jimmy, Chitwood and the movie hoosiers. I figure it's time for us to start playing ball again. And then you hear somebody in the back of the crowd play ball, and the point goes up for grabs, and it's going to be the return of baseball July the fourth weekend, and there's GonNa, be grills, grilling hotdogs, and there's going to be popcorn and peanuts in American flags flying and it's going to be

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