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Across the nation calls are growing for police departments to be funded or disband it. Take a look at this moment in Minneapolis. When those demands were put to the mayor and he said No. The Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Democratic congresswoman, Karen, Bass of California joins us now a congresswoman. Thanks so much for joining us. We saw incredible images yesterday. Thousands of people peacefully protesting across the nation your Los, Angeles Native A. You witnessed the Rodney King riots firsthand. How does this moment compared to what you experienced and saw twenty eight years ago? Well first of all this moment is incredibly inspiring to see people all across the country. Saying enough is enough and also to see the multiracial character in many cities you look at the you look at the protesters, and they're very few African Americans so the solidarity with what is happening in our community, and have been happening for a very long time is very inspiring and I I am hopeful that it helps us get. The legislation passed that we need to do. We've seen other disturbing videos from the last few days, including one showing police violence in buffalo when two officers. Seventy five year, old man to the ground, which resulted in a series injury for him and Tacoma, a man died after being forcibly restrained by police in March in Atlanta. Woman broke her clavicle after a police officer body slammed into the ground. I understand that the Congressional Black Caucus. which you chair is going to present legislation of potential ways to try to stop these kinds of problems. Can you give us an idea of what you're talking about? Yeah absolutely tomorrow we will introduce a bill that covers several areas. One is police accountability. It was shameful. What happened to that man? Not only did they push him down, but they walked right past him, and then wouldn't even let an officer render aid our bill that we're going to be introducing tomorrow. Justice and Policing Act would cover those so in other words. Those officers shouldn't have no. When they saw him push the officer debt and pushed the. The protester down they should have rendered aid. The other officers should intervened and said that shouldn't happen. Those are the type of practices that we want to see ended, and with the legislation with accountability, and with the transparency and the emphasis on training. We believe that we'll be able to address those type of situations. It's time for police culture in many departments to change, and we believe that the legislation will make a major step forward in that direction.

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