June 9 named 'George Floyd Day' in Harris County, Houston


Leader had Dogo declaring tomorrow George Floyd day in Harris County that's when the forty six year old father will be buried here in the Houston area in the same city where he grew up now on to the funeral will be a private service after the public viewing today one sixty three hundred mourners spent hours in line to pay their respects and hear from Floyd's family one artist made the drive from Dallas on Capitol Hill house and Senate Democrats kicked off their push for new police reform a lot of things that went on with Mister Floyd passing away in India most of these and that's the reason why I came down in the road for hours just to be a part of this moment which is impeccable I'm speechless the number of people here former vice president Joe Biden and Texas governor Greg Abbott also were at the public viewing today of stronger and more inclusive that's Minneapolis plans to rebuild in the wake of their own police officers putting ni on Jo on Floyd's neck the mayor revealing two new groups to help the city recover from violent protests one of the coalition to support businesses the other will provide feedback from black community members well makers in Washington are taking are talking up police reform in the wake of Floyd's death fox news John Roberts has more on Capitol Hill house and Senate Democrats kicked off their push for new police reform legislation by observing eight minutes and forty six seconds of silence among the items proposed in the justice in policing act changing the statute to prosecute misconduct from willfulness to recklessness created national police misconduct registry and no knock warrants in drug cases create independent investigation process is into misconduct and banned show colds president trump believes the best way to address the problem is to take the steps necessary to build trust between police forces and the communities they serve and it also appears that Republicans may have their own plan for police reform and they just might unveil it later this week that's what the hell is reporting hours after Democrat shared build their bill one of the to its only two week anniversary of George Floyd's death both sides agreed to reforms are needed the dems want their bill to you get their bill to a Senate floor vote by next month KJRH news time eleven oh three looks like the army may be ready to remove the names of Confederate leaders of ten of its basis army secretary says each one is a name for a soldier who holds a significant place in military history but now he's open to a bipartisan discussion the marine corps recently banned the display of Confederate flags U. S. and Russia will begin nuclear talks in two weeks is a decade old treaty is set to expire in February both countries have the option to renew it for another five years China has been invited as well no symptoms may be no spread the World Health Organization says it's rare for a person with a coronavirus to pass it on if they show no signs of being sick however other experts do not agree saying half of all cases are actually spread that way and president trump keeping his promise to not let the pandemic keep him off the stage he plans to restart campaign rallies in two weeks is already set to hold his first in person fundraiser at the end of the week this comes as the re I. as he hires a pollster to check CNN survey showing in fourteen percent behind Joe Biden our next updates eleven thirty breaking information as it happens time now for more of our American stories I'm Erik shop on newsradio seven forty KTRE H. 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they are the best a lot of these folks used and owned and operated this is Lee who believe in this is our American stories we tell stories about everything here on the show from the arts to sports and from business to history and everything in between including your stories send them our American network dot org there are some of our favorite and now we continue with our opportunity America series that's sponsored by coke industries which employs some sixty seven thousand Americans Georgia Pacific a coke company makes many of the paper products we use every day from tissue and toilet paper and paper towels and more and Alex Cortez now brings us the story of one of Georgia Pacific's employees Vic Billingsley who lives in Hattiesburg in our own home state of Mississippi in nineteen ninety eight Victor Billingsley was diagnosed with non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver although Vic was able to live a pretty healthy normal life for years it wasn't until two thousand and seven nine whole years later that his doctors said you need a transplant all these things going through my mind as how do I escape this and there's no there's no exit door this is one of the cards on Monday Oct again into a scenario that we're your mind is is moving at hyper speed and it's it's one of those things it's just absolutely ever present you can't escape it I'm going to sleep at night only after being just totally exhausted I couldn't turn it on in other news is so pressing and I would finally fall asleep after just being totally exhausted and I would go through the experience to we're not only sleep probably maybe a couple hours of time and when I wake up I go through this thing to where I go wow that was it was a it was a terrible train times have a bad dream and then the realization would hit yeah it gets a good punch of it wasn't very you know this is this is your reality and they replace itself a whole bunch of times and then came the port where you've got to be admitted in the hospital to do the testing to see where you fall as a candidate for a transplant because just because you need one is not necessarily guarantee that your going to get so then that's when the waiting game begins hi constantly had my cell phone with with me me everywhere everywhere I I went went any any time time phone phone rang rang you you know know the the first first thing thing you you did did was was flipped flipped over over and and looked looked caller caller ID ID and and their their you you know know your your time time is is running running you're you're you're you're sitting sitting there there wondering wondering if if this this is is the the time time that that you're you're going going to to get get that that call call the the call call came came in in on on a a Sunday Sunday morning actually was at six six thirty in the morning Catherine picked up the phone and kind of looks the caller ID she asked me so who is who is service center for and I came one week because that was the transplant surgeon and to live so I answer the phone and he says this is Invictus dock foreman juelich no we have a liver available but I won't talk to you about it well we have this situation we we have have is is five five and and a a half half month month old old little little girl girl in in Miami Miami Florida Florida there there is is also also in in need need of of a a transplant transplant the the machine machine only only needs a certain part of it and we can have the remainder of it if you like to accept this he said we had we haven't really done this before here but we think we can handle it he said the only problem will be where we face the Liverpool which means where like where they make that separation cut that when we put it back into you we may have some bleeding issues and lots of concern but we but we feel confident we can handle it well hi I was fully and trying to process what he's telling me and transcription of said okay can I can I think about in his response was I'll call you back in four minutes because there's also town consideration when they have these organs vital so want to talk to my brother and my sister her being a nurse practitioner and being a physician and then kind of get their opinion on it so I got them on the phone our brothers in Florida my sister's local and we start discussing it and then we also he got knocked foreman on phone and started kind discussing and talking about it all the different ramifications such as a ma my sister finally said well the good lord's got us to this point hello we just after that's where we need to place our trust in us I would go for and so the decision was made okay pogo for world you know the reality kind of hit real hard at that time there this is this is actually going to happen now you know it's like it's like being on a roller coaster ride you can get off the list better write it to the end well I have worried and been freighted so much through the whole experience in at the time but I got a call how was of the one hundred percent I saw the house going to go down there and I was not going to come back just I did not believe that I was gonna survive the operation and so what that rolled on the plate was that morning hi I honestly thought I was looking at my kids for the last time I'm gonna come back and you're listening to Vicky Billingsley his story of one of the big moments of his life the turning point in his life being told there was a liver available but this operation was gonna be difficulty assume the worst okay as kids what he thought would be for sure in his own mind the last time by the way Vic found comfort in his coworkers at Georgia Pacific who offered him a vacation time organized fundraisers for him and prayed with only come back more of this remarkable story our opportunity America series the code industries continue here on American school have you ever hired somebody to complete a job and they just entirely drops the ball well you don't need to worry 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