Disneyland delays reopening, Tenet and Mulan may be postponed


Is just wants this pandemic to be over, but pandemic is the opposite of over, and the industry has been thirsting to open up, and it's just not happening, and we see that you know the big question. Mark now is Milan, which was supposed to open on July twenty fourth, and now that seems extremely questionable, because it's not clear that theaters can open Disneyland these are the Milan Disney's movie, but also the theme park. They were hoping to reopen on July seventeenth now. They're saying that is DEF- indefinitely. Question Mark Because of the state leadership here in California in. New York governor. CUOMO has said I. Br He's pump the brakes on reopening and you know Moulana or any movie tenant, the criminal movies things cannot open if theaters an in New York and La or not open,

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