Eric Ward on Racial Justice; A Conversation with Benny Gantz


Racism. Talking about the targeted Latinos in El Paso or the targeting of Jews in Pittsburgh at a targeting a blacks in Charleston seeks in Wisconsin. It is time for our government institutions just step up and protect its citizens and its residents and A. We don't need new laws to do that. We need to actually start using the laws that are on the books. We have to bring transparency to those who seek to try to destroy democracy by terrorizing folks in our community. Those are the two things we could be right on top of right now. People are talking a lot right now. About structural or systemic racism, you know the kind of racism that doesn't rely on active prejudice necessarily, but is actually all about the compounding historical factors that lead to black people, having fewer educational professional and financial opportunities, today and lead, as you're saying to black people being victimized by the criminal justice system, but you eric. You've spent a great deal. Deal of your career fighting, you just called it. Mission driven hate crimes, fighting that kind of much more obvious kind of traditional, maliciously sinister form of racism white supremacy today. For some reason we call it white nationalism. There's a difference I'm sure between the two to some degree, but it. It's kind of a fine point. Why is the problem of white supremacy so difficult to tackle? I I. Tell you take a deep breath, right? Everyone's GonNa. Fill the charge by what's about to come out of my mouth, but don't be because none of us were here right for the creation of the United States of America, so none of us are response for what happened in the past were responsible. Sure those things don't continue in the but it's it's hard to address white supremacy in. In America because it's such a fundamental heart of the creation story of the United States, and because it's intertwined in such a way, it's often hard to kind of take the threat out right of the quilt, and a that's a challenge, and that's why the structural piece is so important in the present right, the way we get a handle on the lasting effects of white supremacy is that we documented. Documented Monitor right. We have to have systems that allow us to understand the disproportionate impact that african-americans face when it comes to job, discrimination, housing and education we. We have to stop thinking that things just happen to end up like this or that. Folks simply don't work hard enough. The fact of the matter is most folks in our society. Face the plight. They are in not because something have done. Done as individuals, but because of structural systems around us right accesses to network, and so that piece is critically important in terms of dismantling white supremacy. We have to shift those structures, and we have to monitor those structures to make sure we are reaching equitable outcome, but the other is something that has nothing to do with structures attitudinal. We are raised. The perceives the world in very specific weights Ryan. And the ways that we are raised in socialized to perceive the world have a significant impact on our lives forever.

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