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From ten PM until four AM the National Guard will also begin demobilizing some of its troops but Major General John Jensen says the plan is flexible and can stop if the security situation worsens I don't like the term pulling back yeah what happened here early on admittedly we made mistakes is it is it is it related to troops on the ground and even tactics so we had to get ahead of the curve and so governor walls said full mobilization of a guard about president trump's call for cities to get tougher on protesters governor walls says a posture of a force on the ground is both unsustainable militarily it's also unsustainable socially the people of color and indigenous caucus gathered Sunday at the spot where George Floyd was killed the call for a special session democratic representative John Hassan of Minneapolis was emotional when she said what is happening now is nothing new when I watched the video of George Floyd calling his mother I sold my calling do you need and ten more Minnesotans have died from covert nineteen the state health department reporting as of today one thousand fifty Minnesotans have died from corona virus more than twenty five thousand cases have been confirmed in the state this is Eminem you

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