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Welcome to episode two of Cap Task. Today is the twenty ninth of May Two thousand twenty. Here is your up to the news from around the Sport Surfing Media Music. You name it news. I up Joe with what's going on in the surf line all. There's a lot of things going on in Surpli- Big notable ones is summer. Season is upon us here so I am always a big advocate. Coastal Athlete Paranthan Swim near lifeguards and guarded and protected areas. Be Smart about where you're going out and the big thing that I have a lot of press about and I've really been excited about that started. With the south there is about rip currents in getting pulled out and recurrence getting caught recurrence. Kind of how to identify them what they look like on shore from above how to keep yourself safe in them so. I don't gain. Do you know much about riptides or recurrence at all. When I was a child I got caught in one in a lifeguard ring to be real real good for it so I know like to. I'd like it's hard me so like I'm afraid of them now. All I know. Oh does that kind of explained your ocean experienced to be thrown away. I've had plenty of scarring ocean. Sounds were you at the house of Man when you got moon hall is much younger than that. There was a much much of a drunken swimming. Only Ocean House of man. I was GONNA say that's a great spot to you know. Go swimming drunken in the middle of the night as I'm shaking my head. If you can watch me so ship would what do you know about rip currents or is it rip current Riptide? I don't I always get that screwed Jess Joe. I guess the biggest difference between rip current and Riptide is that a rip current is generated by focused wave action or wave action creeping along a beach whereas riptide is generated by the flooding or draining of a coastal waterway. Or so for example. A riptide is like a steady constant thing that will basically like. It's a repeating process right because all the water that is upstream is now being pushed back out into the ocean that brackish water whereas riptide couldn't like form in something as small as a long a fifteen foot stretch of beach or it could be as long as you know a five hundred foot stretch of beach. Yes a little bit more variable and intermittent. Okay so what I hear what a rip tide is tied. Based so I think about the San Francisco Bay and how you have the ebbing and flowing tides and how those have very strong polls when they're doing that as opposed to beach contoured causing rip currents that's not dependent on the tide that can happen at any tide will. It's not beach contours. It's wave action relative to the beach so Waves that crash directly on the beach won't necessarily generate a riptide waves arrive angrily on a beach will generate a riptide consistently wall. Thank you for sharing that little bit. Specifically if you're looking for more info about visuals on it L. A. County lifeguards. La Co lifeguards on instagram. They actually have a four or five page thing on their feed that talks about recurrence and it also shows some really good visuals of it. I don't remember riposted because I cannot figure that out and then I believe wasn't a Shep you're telling me that wavelengths had an article the other day and I think I saw it but I think you might have read it. All the article was by Luke. Luke gartside wrote it and it's about the findings of an associate professor from the Naval Postgraduate School who we have reached out to an asked to come on the podcast to talk about the findings that they've published Jen the title is a little click. Beatty everything you know about how to survive a rip could be wrong. What the article is basically saying? Is that what we teach people in general the keep it simple stupid method? Is that you swim parallel to the beach until you swim out of the riptide. After which point you can make your way back in now. What they did was they used INC tests. They did all types of different trace tests and they found out that summed up type to actually form almost figure eight pattern. They recycle into themselves. And so what they advocate for is not investing energy going with the Riptide And then trying to swim once. It's kicked you out so I don't WanNa without without talking to the person who published this. I don't WanNA come out too strong here. But what will say is that when it comes to teaching water survival. What coastal athlete program has taught since its founding and that we will teach until the day that you know they shut us down is that it is better to be an active participant in the scenario than a passive victim. So if you are in a riptide it makes more sense to swim with the tide. Right you walk with the escalator than it does to relax and wait for it to potentially pull you into an even worse situation if you generate momentum by swimming with the tide you can actually get enough speed to potentially break free of it a lot sooner

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