The author of White Fragility doesnt think most white people care about racial injustice


I'm Jonathan Kaye part in this is Cape. Robin Diangelo is the author of white fragility by it so hard for white people to talk about racism. It's one of the most important books on race and racism that I've read because it's written by a white woman for white people. And she doesn't mince words I actually don't think that most white people care about racial injustice. The Angelo and I discuss how amy Cooper's nine. One one call and central park was terrifying addition to a history of white women's tears, being weaponized against black men, we discussed the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and we talk about the broader concept of white fragility. And how if you're white? You can liberate yourself from it. As you will hear. This was a Cathartic conversation for me. You can listen to it right now. Robert de Ngelo. Thank you very much for coming on the PODCAST. Thanks for having me I've been raving about your book white fragility. Why so hard for white people talk about racism? Since I read last year in one of the chapters in your book is entitled White Women's Tears and I immediately thought of it in in reaction to what happened central park between Amy Cooper, and Christian couvert not no relation and you have A. reprise Vignette. in that chapter where someone says to you when a white woman cries, a black man gets hurt, and you go on to write, not knowing or being sensitive to this history is another example of white centrality, individualism and lack of racial humility. In that that vignette jumped out at me after watching the Amy Cooper video. Because at least to me, it was clear Amy Cooper knew what she was doing. Those quote, unquote tears, and that quote unquote emotion were not real..

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