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Here Are Details Of MLB's Reported Plan To Begin 2020 Season



Start it with major league baseball. Because yesterday now we'll see it's interesting. They seem to be a little far apart on the number of games that they would like to play. We mentioned the. Game they want more. They want to say we want more money, but we're willing to play more games to go along. With hundred fourteen games be precise data gain from yesterday, hundred fourteen games deferred salaries in the event of a canceled postseason because of the weather. And the option for all players to opt out of a potential twenty twenty season, due to corona virus concerns that according to Jack Passing and others proposal I from the Union. It was the first from the Union I should say and is expected to be pretty much dismissed immediately, but they would run June thirtieth to October thirty first which I think. The owners! Want a hard stop on October first, so they threw out yesterday are. Hundred and fourteen games. Season today. There's rumors. That Major League baseball might try to play. Fifty Games Dan. Fifty that's that's my kind of baseball season. Sprint that's plan. That's where you can't say. It's a marathon, not a sprint and you just say it's a sprint can't say even Keel, either you lose three in a row your dodds over. Your out of your your mathematically eliminated, you'd better have a stopper in your rotation. That's what you're saying correct. You can't lose three in a row, so the exact number is still being considered, but the aim would be to return in July and get going so hundred and fourteen from yesterday off the original eighty, two from the owners, a long way from one hundred and fourteen to fifty bite, but a we but about the terms. The money we are we getting closer. This would be the one. The fifty gamer would fulfil the players pro rata desire the program. Martin okay. That's why it's being offered up now. Okay is that we feel like if I we could do the pro rated thing, we won't lose as much money. We could actually just prorate you and go fifty. We could pro rate you up to fifty, but we can't. It anymore expanded postseason. It's already been expanded I. Think they would still do the seven teams in easily. I've I thought they. Maybe it expanded even more for this year. If it's only a fifty game regular season, apparently, the small market teams in the NBA do want the NBA to include everybody because they want to as Mark Cuban said last week I think. Get the local TV dollars the revenue that they need from their TV deals to keep them afloat, so the NBA there people are trying to include everybody it sounds like. So who knows? What's the deadline I mean? We gotta get something by the end of this week we got two more weeks or what or in June I mean Laval told us last week. Was it last week the week before? that. It's GonNa have to be the first couple of weeks. June because if you want to start at the end of June. Or even ended July. You need to do your whatever spring training two point Oh that you're going to do right right, so I'm not sure I'm trying to queue up. A sound bite here Gimme a second. Because our guy was on I take this morning. PJ, flack may have heard of him. Coaches now? Are. Making statements all over the place. You can't go. A day on

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