Jeff Passan on MLBPA's Return-To-Play Proposal


The negotiations between Major League Baseball and the Players Association to start the two thousand twenty season, Continue Jeff Passan reported. Reported last night that the player Ford a counterproposal on Sunday, in which they suggested a one hundred and fourteen game season from June thirtieth to October. Thirty first, which Jeff wrote is expected to be immediately dismissed by the League. The union remained steadfast. The players should receive their full prorated salaries. The Union did suggest possible salary defers than acknowledgment by the players that amid the coronavirus, pandemic and unrest. Flow issues could prove problematic for the owners The players proposal also included the idea of an expand class for two years major league. Baseball's proposal suggests one year postseason that goes from ten teams to fourteen a salary advance of one hundred million dollars split among players during the second spring training, additional commitments to players, wearing microphones in the field and other broadcasts enhancement, and there was an offer to hold events such as an off season, all star game or Homerun Derby to generate additional revenue. This was a hopeful Development Sean doolittle, the nationals. Reliever tweeted out that the Washington major leaguers will provide salary relief to minor leaguers. Who saw their salaries cut last week? Covers baseball for ESPN, and Jeff we just went through the details of your report from last night. I think the most important question this morning is what's next? It's a great question buster because I think what's next is going to be the most important element of this entire thing in that is. What's the reaction of owners after the unions first proposal? And I think you did a great job in your Sunday, notes column of pointing out the fragility of this on account of there, being owners who don't WanNa play in two thousand and twenty. If this proposal angers the the League side owners in particular enough where what is a relatively small block of honors, now suddenly starts to gain a little bit of political traction in trying to convince some of the more moderate owners that this is a lost cause, and it's just not worth playing the two thousand twenty season. Then I think they're actually in trouble, but if if the. door being cracked open for furrows which it was done in this proposal leads to something more substantive and productive. I think something can come together on relative quick order because that's that's how it has to like. If they want to play this year, something needs to get this week and it's on owners right now to come back and really facilitate that after the players offer. Deaf I'm glad that they're talking I. Mean it's a good thing that they're talking because there's been so much time that's passed in the last Three and a half years since the CBA of two thousand sixteen, in which they haven't been talking, but my God they are so far apart. It's incredible to me. The what this is shutdown lake March twelfth thirteenth, and yet it still feels like to use the football comparison. It's like we're at the one yard line. There's about fifty eight seconds to go and there ninety nine yards of field ahead of them when you're talking about the financial issues. Either the safety protocol, and then the challenge of pulling everything together which I'm sure you're hearing the same thing from general managers. That I am like this is not something you can just execute overnight. No in regarding that latter part I assume that that they have known for awhile now. What the expectations are going to be and I I know some general managers that I've talked with said they're. They're trying to get their facilities in order, so you know secondary, club houses and a lot of the things that are in the health and safety protocol. They've at least been trying to start, but let's let's look at the logistics of getting everybody around the country right now. between coded and. And and the civil unrest that's going on travels knock going to be particularly easy and getting people from place to place city city. You don't even know where you're. Joe It half the time when it comes to either get into the city or are you going to be your Spring Training Facility? I mean these these are all open questions right now. but yeah I I would say instead of the one yard line. You've got like both sides in their tunnels right now or in their. I mean that that is how far apart they are, and and the biggest question to me has been.

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