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Kevin Garnett, Steve Raja Grant Hill Shawn Marion March Dot And Grant Hill discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Have his workout in. This interview process You Know Neil Kim. No is probably one of the best. Free draft interviews. We've ever had as far as like advertise like this is a winner and you can tell the difference in human every other prospectors coming in like this dude. The winner like he knows what's important in is about team he's fiery. You wants to get better all those things and it just like Charlotte. I think ended up doing the deal with golden state to get decent Richardson. And that's how we got. We're GONNA get their pay. We're GONNA give them twenty four and twenty nine eight and a future first and so but that offseason. You're talking about the draft process but those draft deals never actually go through. So you lose Kurt Thomas. Anybody else on the team that you guys lose headed into that regular season and do you guys do anything in the way of addition addition is GonNa probably be a strong. No I'm trying to pick on. Let me cheer look a basketball reference. I'm pretty sure we didn't ask anybody of note it was saying it was Midway through that season the shack trade but announcer gray hill. So I'll leave you. If we're going to grant hill this is funny. Grant Hill was in. Orlando no six. Oh seven and I remember around January in our war room. Every warm has like whiteboards in there like we just write down stuff and we started riding up. Projected starting wanted furniture woes. Steve Raja Grant Hill Shawn Marion March Dot. Amar and I kept saying how we know. Because he's a free agent and their ally trusting. He's going be that was you. Arrays a Lotta Times like oh we have a chance to get Kevin Garnett which was another thing that we try to do a like before he went the ball. You guys close with Kevin Garnett. You guys really close. That was a done deal now. He's done deal. So tell me about the Kevin Garnett deal. That never happened so Garnett wants out and he wants to play for championship right. The finally convinced him need to come in and play for championships. So it's a three way deal where Boston sends all the young guys and stuff to Minnesota. Minnesota'S SENDS US Garnett. And we send Shawn Marion in like a couple of stuff the Boston and so Danny says if I trade for Shaw managed marrying had Ito option on his contract I want him to lock in and then signed a two year extension or extension on top of that right crew which is forty five million dollars for three years. Fifty million year traumas agent. Who's the late Dan? Fagin says we're not taking a dime under Max Max at the time was probably about eighteen million dollars or eighteen inch so SEAN BUSINESS. Fifteen is a pay cut. I'm not taking pickup. Even though we all felt like he wasn't GonNa get Max on the open market but fagin is a guy who gets his client the most money so he says Danny Trade for Sean Marion without giving him a Max extension. He's going to walk. He's GONNA walk by the time the Ogden Danny says. Well I'm not GONNA do this. Trade give up all my young is getting a guy who's GONNA walk after a year two years. Whatever so the deal falls apart but cagey was supposed to be with the sons. It was supposed to be our line of was supposed to be Steve Nash. Raja Bell Grant Hill kindergarten. Marceta an idea. The Cagey was Gonna fix everything about our defense like yeah. We're middle of the road. Katie was GONNA make us a top ten defense but still not compromise our offensive talents. And what we're supposed to endless. Kevin Garnett himself excited about this through back. I thought back cannily. I saw killing.

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