Oklahoma, President And Tulsa discussed on The House Whisperer


In Tulsa Oklahoma during his speech the president said if Seattle officials ask you can clear out the so called autonomous zone but anytime you want will come in we'll straighten it out in one hour or less however he told people attending his rally in Tulsa it may be to his benefit to let the disaster continue he said that many of the places where where protesters have taken place are run by Democrats trump said a Republican congressman urged him to let the demonstration continue so people can see what happens when radical leftists are in charge White House trade adviser Peter Navarro is downplaying president trump's recent comments about crime virus testing we are filling the stockpile in anticipation of a possible problem in the fall we're doing everything we can the need for the service working as hard as we possibly can Navarro said trump's comments that he told his staff to slow down testing was tongue in cheek the president made his comments in his return to the campaign trail last night in Tulsa acting homeland security secretary Chad well says a program designed to help dreamers will end the program is clearly unlawful and I would say I point you back to the Supreme Court decision at no point in that decision did they say that the program was lawful wolf isn't happy with the U. S. Supreme Court for its ruling last week that said proper procedures weren't followed by the White House as it tried to end daca and time has run out for a free trial of Disney plus Disney plus has quit offering free trials of its streaming service two weeks before it premieres the hit Broadway musical Hamilton then the Hamilton the Tony.

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