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The White House chief of staff has traditionally been known as the gatekeeper well. We have gone behind the gates with mark. Meadows live from the white. House this verdict with Ted Cruz. Welcome back the verdict with Ted Cruz, Michael Knowles little change of scenery today joined as always by the senator and Mark Meadows right to be with you MR, meadows I'm noticing now. It is seven o'clock here. This is probably the earliest. You have gotten off work since you've taken. As soon as we get off work I'll outlet. You know whether that's the case or not Ferret. Obviously, it's a twenty four seven kind of kind of job, but you know our our nation is in a critical time where we've got actually make sure that people like ten mile work together on behalf of all the freedom, loving forgotten men and women. In this country, and and really the impact is well beyond. This is Ted i? Have articulated a number of times we'll because I know senator, you and Mr. Meadows go back a lot farther than just you taking this job as the White House chief of staff. Yeah, he actually would talk.

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