The Anthony Fauci controversy


But we begin with doctor Anthony Fauci before the Senate and this cause all sorts of controversy not frankly I'm sort of perturbed at the controversy the reason being I don't think that she's a bad guy I don't think that algae is out to ruin the American economy I don't think they think that he's a malign influence on president trump I think the doctor felt she is up in the mail just and his job is the epidemiologist his job is to be a doctor of public health when it comes to pandemics his job is not to balance all of the risks and rewards when you go to a doctor you look for diagnosis usually the doctor puts before you a fair number of choices and it is now your determination as to which choice you seek right the doctor puts before you have cancer god forbid and the doctor says to you okay so you're the choices you could have a surgery here the rest and then the possibilities you have to know therapy here the rest of the possibilities are depending on your age maybe the best thing is to sort of let it take its course you're eighty five years old in your prostate cancer maybe the treatment is actually worse than the disease and I have a bunch of choices in front of you does not the doctor's job to make the final determination when it comes to public policy making our elected officials are reluctant to make exactly these determinations why well because they're answerable two weeks they are answerable to us there as we the people the fact that we are now looking to sort of delegate all decision making authority to the experts is V. is the tail end of the progress of the year a stupidity that suggested that if we just gave all power to the quote unquote experts in government and everything would magically we solved the experts are good for experts are good for exports are good for knowing a lot of things that one particular subject but they're not famous for knowing lots of things that lots of particular subject if you ask doctor about you about Keynesian verses Milton Friedman ask economics my guess is that he wouldn't know much more than the average guy but if you ask me about disease vectors and probably knows a lot more than the average guy asking him to be the sole policy maker is really foolhardy and even doctor felt she knows this and so we sort of moved from the left to appoint Dr founded in government when he's not head of government what to use him as a club to wield against elected officials again are answerable all of whom are answerable tossed right the fact that people must want to do that and the fact that the people on the right are responding to that by blending felt use the voucher is to blame for lawmakers abdicating their duty and just pointing to vouching on what he's going to solve all our problems it's stupidity frankly I think the doctor felt she would be the first person to say that it's stupidity he is there to provide medical knowledge and guidance and then it is up to us to determine what risks we're willing to undertake as a society what this means that when people I talk about you in public health experts testify publicly they're always going to testify on behalf of caution because their job is first do no harm on the public health level not an economic level not on the freedom level not a constitutional level not a governmental level the first job is to say how do we save the most lives well into middle of pandemic the easy answer if you're not looking at any of the other factors is stay home until we have some sort of therapeutic or until we have some sort of acting but of course there are other factors to take into account when it comes to public policy making such as the fact that we may never have that team or therapeutic may not be all that effective and the fact that thirty million people lost their jobs in the last six weeks and there are countervailing cost to people losing their jobs losing their livelihood a hundred thousand small businesses shutting out this is where it's at for public of our public officials the people who actually elect elected officials to weigh the evidence the doctor vouchers providing his advice but the evidence provided by economist with the values that we hold dear as a nation I mean it just takes a second for example for a second in a wartime what if you were to ask a public health expert in war time what is the best policy public health experts job is to save as many lives as possible so the public health experts say best strategy here is probably not to do the war right no war is good because that means few people are gonna get shot and killed but if you are not an official in his World War two you know that they're gonna be a certain number of people we're gonna have to risk their lives on the beaches of Normandy it is not to suggest that the public health experts are wrong about everything this is to suggest that everybody has their own specific area of expertise and we're this means a broad area of expertise is really foolish in a Republic we rely on the notion that a diffuse level a value judgment among the American population is gonna be better than any one individual's values the American people overall are going to be wiser about weighing all these factors in balance when they elect people then just one guy who's part of the bureaucracy we'll get to a doctor found had to say is it in that light I don't think what you had to say was all that controversial but I think they're politicians were completely looking to abdicate responsibility for their actual decision making role in American politics right now and simply shouting data and science and public health officials without you saying look what will brexit saying look at all the scientists are saying Hey that's not your only job is supposed to take all that into consideration and then you are supposed to wear all of the values that are currently under consideration plus you're supposed to determine the the level of certainty that public health officials are expressing about the view in the future about the future generally because experts maybe more expert than you but that does not mean that one hundred percent certain knowledge of the

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