Oysters, Clambakes and Grilling Run Amok


Omar welcome to milk street. Thank you, thank you for having me It's great to have you Let's talk about your popup dinners. A called honeysuckle. Could you just describe what you serve and what the pop ups are like? The honeysuckle. It's a concept that uses food as the nucleus to explore various ideas of nuances of blackness in America specifically. And I say America specifically because. Black people in this country have. Quite quite quite the hurdle in our search identity in that many of us can't trace back our heritage. More than two grandparents ago and what a what tends to happen at least in my experience as a bike person, this country is that. People will ask me. Hey, where are you from? What is your nationality? But if I tell them that I'm just a black person, from Philadelphia, and that I'm American. That's kind of where the conversation stops. You know Africans and West Indians have a heritage. They have a flag Michael. tweet talks a lot about having a flag and his book, the cooking teen and having a flag like if you point towards the flag of Jamaica. What do you think of food? Wise? You think of oxtail. You think of rice and peas when you tell someone that you're an African American, most people only ever associate that with pain and then stereotypes. Under the American flag. So honeysuckle to me is. ME. Generating a flag for myself. It's not it's not just pain. Pain is pain as always there, but there were plenty of joys as well. You write poetry and you were to poem. Call folger's which. I of read fifteen times since I. So, could you just read that? Because I I'm not gonNA. Read your poem. You're GonNa have to read your. Sure folders soldiers is is one of my favorite ones I don't write love. poems often, but. Can we have coffee. I mean like really. Can we put down our words and swallow our breasts and hints of Cocoa Cinnamon and clove. Can I stare into your Brown eyes while the do of God washes over your face by our window next to the lips. Disturbs spoons course in our hearts, just black. Don't sugar neither. Only you and silk from Madrid to toews. FRIZZ, baby hairs and a t shirt. That now belongs to us. Can we have it until it's done. Can we fill our empty coffee bean with Greece Double Fryer chicken forever? Fabulous, Really I'm really glad that you like that bomb. Could you just? Explain a little bit about it. Yeah, But I'm not sure if you remember the commercial, the best part of waking up as folger's in your cup. And people who are in a relationship, the person that you love is the best part of Waking Up. When you when you wake up and you, you see that person next to you. and so in this in this poem, the car the coffee the STIMULI IS IS PARTNER You've had a very successful career. You ended up doing these pop ups. Something really believed in now. You're essentially back home. In Philadelphia you say there isn't much in my room, but a mattress leaning Bookshelf Eucalyptus plant that I found in a public flowerpot. It's Blue Gray and brings joy when the days are down so. What happens next you know? I, wrote the and I know soundly somber I think. The the communist comes from everything coming to a screeching halt, it was huge full. Stop at around March fifteenth when when I moved to Philadelphia, but all the. Things that I was doing prior to this pandemic. Was All leading me back to Philadelphia, and so I'm I'm in the place where I'm supposed to be. What's next is what I WANNA do is open. honeysuckle here the art that I do create. Speaks to the African American community and I would like to spread that over several different. Avenues such as a grocer, a coffee space, and still do dinners, but have it be a community center. The idea in the past was to open honeysuckle downtown, but What I want to do now is bring down to hood like that's. I would love to see the economy spread outward into into the pockets of those who need it. If you look forward five or ten years. In take a best case scenario. What would you like to see happen as a result of what we're going through now? What would be the best case for you? In terms of community or the way people think about food and culture. Restaurants were never about food. And I think that people. Don't understand that restaurants were always about people people I that needed food. So if we can. Start looking at that again. Everything else will fall into

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