Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - burst 5

Fame is a Bitch


This latest fight when they gang up on Megan McCain, who was the only conservative? Listen to this shit. I mean they're fighting about trump and this and that and. God. It's joy. Behar more than anybody's the big pain. The S I mean I. Constantly, I never wore black face, and then she shows a picture. In Halloween when she just as a black woman and she put Daca makeup okay. You Polish, but she was so positive she'd never done then. Someone showed hey joy. Yes I did go like that. It's not a big deal. We know you're not a racist just something you did. You know but Megan McCain is screaming on the only conservative on this show, and I leave this place all I do pretty much consume conservative media, and as much as you want to trash Fox News. She said Tucker Carlson has the highest approval ratings and numbers and Fox News history now because he's saying it a much more elegant way. What

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