152: Should I Talk About COVID-19 In My College Essay?


Your host and today is part two of our two part miniseries talking about the common APP essay. So last week in part one episode number one fifty one I talked about tackling the common APP. Essay and today part two. I'M GONNA. Talk about. Should I write about Corona, virus in my college essay well, let me give you my short answer, and yes, you should write about covid nineteen, and here's why when given the chance to tell more of your story, you should tell it and the common. APP has made up a place for you. Talk about that story, and that's the additional information optional essay about Kovic Nineteen. Now it's a two hundred and fifty word essay, so that's not a lot of words. That's really not a long essay. So before you start to write I want you to think about how this essay plays a part in your overall application. This essay needs to provide additional information that will help the admissions officer. Understand your story and part of your story. That's not found anywhere else in your application. So this new covid nineteen prompt reads as following. Let me just read it to you. Community disruptions such as Covid, nineteen and natural disasters can have a deep and long lasting impact if you need it, this space is yours to describe those impacts. Colleges care about the the effects on your health and wellbeing safety, family, circumstances, future plans and education, including access to reliable technology and quiet study spaces. So in two hundred and fifty words. Do you wish to share anything on this topic and you can either answer yes, or no, if you answer, yes, then please use the space to describe how these events have impacted you. Now there's one word that keeps popping up over and over again and I. Don't know if you caught it. But. That's the word impact, so we I. Hear it where it says that. disruption, such cove Kobe, nineteen and natural disasters can have deep and lasting impacts. Then we hear it again where they say, describe those impacts, and then in the space to address edger response to the question. How have these? Impacted you. So, when we look up the word impact and I just simply looked it up in the dictionary, their several meanings, but the one that really stood out to me. Was where it says having a strong effect on someone or something. and. That's what I want you to think about as you brainstorm what it is. You're GonNa talk about what was the effect that Covid nineteen has had on you, and so, of course, the someone would be you. And to help you really think through ways to approach this question. Let me give you four quick clarifying questions to brainstorm so number one what affects dacoven. Have on you so just right? What effect did it have on you? Was it mental emotional financial social? You know you miss being with your friends. But what were some of those affected ahead on you? Number two. Did that affect lead to any meaningful change? So maybe you were planning to participate in Spring Tournament for sports. And that didn't happen, but maybe as a result of it, you did a You know maybe some type of virtually event or maybe you were scheduled to have your spring recital. And, so you decided to do a virtual online recital, so talk about the meaningful change that happened in your life as a result. And then number three. What actions did you take to get to that meaningful change? Your s going to be a whole lot stronger if you can talk about your. because. It's going to show perseverance creativity initiative drive all those things that are really important to schools. And then finally number four. Who did you become as a result? You know focusing on the being not just the doing, but who did you become as a result of not only this pandemic, but the changes that you may during this time. So now that you have brainstormed what it is, you want to say next. Think about where to say it now. There are three places on the common APP where you could write about it. If the school year applying to is on the common APP and those options are number one in this new special covid, nineteen question that is found on the twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty one common APP. You could also talk about it in your personal statement, and that's we talked about in last week's episode, really tackling that main essay. That's your six hundred and fifty word statement. And then finally you can talk about it in the additional information section. That section is also six hundred fifty words. But how do you choose so this is what I want you to do I. Want you to think about your life pre pandemic, you know. What did you do over the last three years that you could talk about you know, think about what if this pandemic never happened? Then what would you have talked about? And when you focus on that that will drive you away from talking about it in your six hundred fifty word personal statement, because you really WANNA use that to share your larger story tying your interest into your passions, your pursuits so that's I would strongly recommend. Not Using your personal statement. And when it comes to the additional section, six hundred and fifty words, you know unless you believe that describing this pandemic is the very best way to demonstrate who you are and what you're going to bring to the campus than I would stay away from the six hundred fifty word additional essay as well because you know, college is really don't have a lot of time and don't spend a lot of time really gone through an application so you. You don't want to just write very long essay for the sake of writing along s essay thinking this is what they want to see. So then that really just leads us to our third a place, and that would be in this special covid nineteen section, so the maximum word count there is two hundred and fifty words, and you really can't fit that pandemic appearance into a two hundred fifty word essay, so let's talk about how to do that. So when it comes to writing a two hundred and fifty word essay. The best way to structure, this essay is to think of it in terms of three, maybe four paragraphs again. This is not a very long essay. It's not a lot of words, so you WANNA. Have your first paragraph. which is your thesis or your opening paragraph, and of course your final paragraph, which is your conclusion, but in the middle your body that would be either one or two paragraphs, and if you go with about three paragraphs, you're looking at about maybe anywhere between seventy five and one hundred words per paragraph, and that really allows for about three to five very concise, but detail sentences per paragraph so in your opening. This is where you want to really outline the impact that Kovic has had on you and again focus on you, and then in the second paragraph. This is where you go a little bit deeper, and you talk about more in detail what you did as a result of the pandemic. So what were some of the positive things? Or maybe? How has this impacted you? And what was that like for you? So maybe you were going to attend a summer program, but you were not able to. This is where you go into talking about. About that and then

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