Chicago police officers on tape shown lounging as looting raged


More than a dozen Chicago police officers including at least three white shirts supervisors are being asked to step step forward forward and and identify identify themselves themselves they they appear appear in in surveillance surveillance video video to to be be lounging lounging around around the the inside inside of of congressman congressman Bobby Bobby rush rush his his office office near near fifty fifty fourth fourth and and went went worth worth sometime sometime during during looting June first Russia has handed that video over to mayor Lightfoot I believe that we should take the strongest possible action we don't know all the details still very much on but the strongest possible action that we can take to protect CPD superintendent David Brown has issued an apology to congressman rush says he's held a meeting with his commanders few commanders I had to cut off because they began talking about us being too harsh when he set us I said you me me being too harsh by relieving officers of their police powers my rebuttal we'll just have you stopped talking all words are cheap when we defend officers for the misconduct that the integrity of the Chicago police department is far more important at any individuals officers friendship with brown saying all officers in that video will face disciplinary action I was read by southern mother mother from the south and even as a adult my mother would look at me when I was doing something that didn't represent the family well if you want me to look at her to see her expression when she told me I'm not playing with you when I was misbehaving I don't either not represent other family SO I share with the commanders this morning I'm a Norman Jean brown son and I'm not playing with you first deputy superintendent Anthony Reggio says during the same time that these officers were allegedly lounging he and other officers were on State Street being pounded by rocks from riders chief of patrol Fred Waller says he's never been more embarrassed it is thirty four year career in law

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