Thousands March New York City for 11th Day of Protests


In strangers again took to the streets of New York City yesterday this time without the curfew to worry about W. CBS's Steve burns walked along with one group in Brooklyn with no curfew concerns they were free to March and free to make some noise windy registered nurse from queens says it's a bitter sweet atmosphere very sad about what has been going on but then one way to actually see people from all nations come together you know to say that because I think it's a good thing she wants to see equality for all something that hasn't been realized in health care either visible time that's the end racism this has been going on and we need to stop the only way we can do it is to do this legal voice be heard the group marched up Flatbush Avenue with police fans both of the front and the back eventually made their way to the pedestrian walkway at the Manhattan bridge at the Barclay center Steve burns WCBS newsradio

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